Customer Voices: Revit 2022

User spotlight

By Lainie Ransom

It’s been a month since Revit 2022 was introduced to the world, and we wanted to see what customers like you are saying. From improved modeling, documentation, and production to better interoperability, there’s something in this release for everyone. We asked Revit experts from across the AEC industry for their reactions to Revit 2022 and compiled their responses in the video below. 

For more on Revit 2022, you can check our article What’s New in Revit 2022.  

And if you are interested in lending your voice to the future development of Revit, tell us your ideas and which proposed features you support on Revit Ideas. You can also apply to join the Revit Preview Community and test new features before they are in production.  

Finally, thanks to all of you for the feedback and collaboration making Revit 2022 a release to remember. 

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