Autodesk Revit now supports Microsoft Windows 11

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To design and build our world, architects, engineers, and builders rely on Autodesk Revit, now supporting Microsoft Windows 11. In the studio or at the jobsite, Autodesk and Microsoft support how the AEC industry works. (Image courtesy of Microsoft)

Autodesk and the Revit Factory are pleased to announce support for Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Revit LT running on Microsoft Windows 11. Support will cover Revit versions 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, including all updates. 

System requirements for these versions have been updated to reflect this announcement:

After thousands of tests, we expect Revit to run on Windows 11 without issue. Should you encounter an issue, report it to our support at and we will investigate, prioritizing any issues that are reported on Windows 11 for these versions of Revit.

Testing on versions of Revit older than 2019 is less extensive to date and it is possible you will encounter unknown or unexpected behaviors.

Released in October of 2021, Windows 11 features a simplified design and user experience to empower your productivity and inspire your creativity,” according to an announcement in June from Chief Product Officer for Windows and Devices, Panos Panay. Billed as the operating system for “hybrid work”, Windows 11 is a preferred choice for IT teams, offering familiar management and configuration experiences and “chip to cloud” security to protect data across devices.

You can learn more about upgrading to Windows 11 from Microsoft here

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    Hi, If myself and a teammate are both working in the same BIM360 model (2021), and I have upgraded to Windows 11, but she is still working in Windows 10, could this cause the model to become corrupt?

    1. David Smolker
      David Smolker

      Hi there, this question might be better addressed on the Revit Forum: Thanks for commenting.

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