Revit 2023: Keep model performance in view with BIM Interoperability Tools

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[Authored by Autodesk’s Chuck Mies, Eddy Krygiel, and Brett Casson. For questions or to provide feedback on BIM Interoperability tools, email us at]

An Autodesk Revit add on, BIM Interoperability Tools (BIT) with Model Checker helps to visualize, measure, and improve model health.

We are excited to announce that with the release of Revit 2023 comes the global release of the BIM Interoperability Tools v9 (BIT), an add on for Revit. If you have Revit installed, look in your Autodesk Account for the BIM Interoperability Tools as a Product Update, or check with your company’s account administrator.

If you’re not familiar with the BIM Interoperability Tools, they are an add-on to Revit for model review Best Practices that help you standardize, validate, and deliver model data for digital deliverables. The toolkit has been around since 2010 and is available for any current version of Revit (2019-2023 versions). You can find them using the Autodesk Desktop App.

With this release, we are bringing some new features to you around file performance and data validation workflows, while also adding some enhancements around reporting. Gone are the days of manual model reviews! We are here to bring you dashboard-able results and more automated workflows.

Model Performance and Model Maintenance

We are thrilled to announce a new service to our toolkit – model Best Practice dashboards. BIT has developed Best Practice checksets designed to analyze your Revit models to make sure they are optimized for performance. The checkset addresses 96 different attributes that can impact model performance. It’s a comprehensive overview of general model health. Models will open faster, navigate easier, and be less likely to crash. By reviewing the results from the Best Practice checks and updating the model, models open up to 12x faster. This means more time doing the things that matter and less time waiting for the model to load.

The results are delivered in both HTML and MS Excel with the Excel file formatted for PowerBI or any other data analytics tool. We even supply the dashboard, so you can go directly from model to results in minutes.

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Data and Dashboards.

With the release of BIT, we are also sharing our Best Practices dashboard. This PowerBI tool can consume the data from any version of the Best Practices checksets and deliver fast, effective results to your team around model performance. No more long lists – the graphical interface makes understanding where your model is performing poorly simple and fast. With the added ability to drill down to the element level, boosting model performance is easier than ever.

Both the checksets and dashboards are fully customizable so you can modify any of the values for your specific firm or project needs.

There is much more to this release and we’re excited to tell you about it.

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