Aaron Maller

Aaron Maller is the director of Parallax Team, a full-service Implementation Firm. He has been implementing BIM and Practice Technology at Architectural, Engineering, and General Contracting Firms across the country for the last ten years. Specializing in streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency, he has become well known for his work in elaborate content libraries and templates. He is an avid contributor to the BIM community, on the whole, volunteering at Revit Forum.org (as twiceroadsfool), as well as speaking at many events including Autodesk University, Revit Technology Conferences, and various users’ groups around the world.

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  • Software Tips
    In our first post, we were focusing on the things to “be on the lookout for,” as a BIM Manager or as the person responsible for rolling out new Autodesk Revit software. In this post, let’s get into the specifics of some of the features that aren’t just flashy, but that can return immediate gains […]

  • Software Tips
    By now, you are probably aware that Revit 2022 is now live. While there will be myriad posts about new features, new tools, new offerings, rebadged and renamed offerings, in this post I want to talk about what this new release means for the BIM Managers and IT folks in the back, alike: those setting […]