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Product marketing manager for Autodesk building design products

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  • What’s New
    Introducing Design Automation API for Revit Design Automation for Revit makes the Revit API you know and love available as a cloud service. It officially releases to the public today. You asked us to make your lives easier by automating repetitive tasks. You also asked us to make Revit data more openly accessible. We listened. […]

  • What’s New
    Today’s Revit is more automated than ever. In adding and refining features in every release over the past few years, the Revit product development team’s goal has been simple: “We’re always looking for opportunities to automate functionality and to reduce the effort that people have to go through to achieve better results,” says Autodesk senior […]

  • Screenshot of usage reporting feature
    What’s New
    Wondering if your team is making the most efficient use of your software? Before now, your choice was either to keep wondering or engage in time-intensive, manual tracking of users, products, and versions. But Autodesk’s new usage reporting* functionality takes the guesswork and slog out of tracking who is using what product and how often. This […]