Harlan Brumm

Harlan is a Revit Product Manager with Autodesk focused on Architecture and Construction. Based in Manchester, NH, he has spent 10 years helping customers realize the power of BIM in a variety of roles. Before joining Autodesk, he worked for AEC firms in the Midwestern USA on a wide variety of project types. A geek, he loves learning about new technology and how it can help Architects design a better world. Find him on Twitter @HarlanBrumm

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  • Technology Preview
    The People Flow Toolkit for Revit offers greater path of travel capability.

  • Product news
    Load Autodesk Family is a cloud-based tool that allows you to access all Autodesk-provided Revit RFA families in Revit 2021.1

  • What’s New
    Written by:  Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, Pawel Piechnik, Martin Schmid, David Smolker  In our second point release for Revit 2020, we’re focused on productivity, with new automation workflows in Dynamo, faster ways to view, select, and edit schedules, and navigation tools that will have you flying through your model with the greatest of ease. Remember, you can access […]

  • Roadmap
    With the release of Revit 2020.1, we are pleased to provide an update to our Public Roadmap for Revit – however, because our last update to the Revit Roadmap was just in July, this blog post does not have very many changes in our plans.  For information on what is available in Revit 2020.1 – […]

  • What’s New
    Written by: Ian Molloy, Harlan Brumm, Pawel Piechnik, Sasha Crotty A new version of Revit in August? Now that we release features as soon as they are ready, subscribers don’t need to wait for the annual release to access the latest Revit. The product team is happy introduce this latest Revit point release, bringing you […]

  • Revit security fix
    Product news
    ACTION ALERT: Autodesk Identity Services will move to TLS 1.2 on August 3, 2019. Check this link for a list of affected Revit versions and the Revit Cloud Worksharing service to find out if you should update your software. We released a number of security upgrades for Revit that affect Autodesk® BIM 360® Design (Revit® […]

  • Unity model on Ipad
    Unity Technologies has announced plans to release Unity Reflect, a new product that connects to Revit to make it easier for project stakeholders to review and make updates to BIM or CAD projects in immersive, interactive 3D environments. Unity Reflect will be available in fall 2019.  Sign up here to receive updates on Unity Reflect.  The […]

  • New in Revit 2020
    What’s New
    Written by Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, and Pawel Piechnik The Revit team is thrilled to release Revit 2020, incorporating improvements in Revit 2019.1 and Revit 2019.2.  The release year “2020” is epic, and Revit 2020 lives up to the name, reflecting both your requests submitted to the Revit Ideas page and also introducing new features and […]

  • Revit security fix
    We have recently released a number of security fixes for 2017, 2018, and 2019 versions of Revit. These updates address security issues and are required in order to make sure your product continues to work in the future. We recommend you install these Revit security fixes as soon as possible. We (the Revit Team) decided […]

  • Revit 2019 badge
    Product news
    Written by Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, and Pawel Piechnik Revit 2019 has just released! As Revit Product Managers, sharing what’s new in the latest version of Revit is our favorite type of blog post to write, and there’s a lot to talk about in Revit 2019.  In subsequent blog posts we’ll dive deeper […]

  • Revit 2018.2 update
    Product news
    We are pleased to announce that we have just released the Revit 2018.2 update.  This update is available to subscribers and current maintenance plan customers via your accounts portal or the in-product Autodesk Desktop App.  Along with a number of bug fixes and stability improvements, this release also includes new functionality. “We keep telling you, […]

  • REvit 2018.1 update
    Product news
    Exciting news today!  The Revit 2018.1 update, the very latest version, is now available for download. As I explained in this post on What’s Next for Revit, we’ve increased the frequency of Revit product releases essentially catching up our release schedule to better match the agile development methodology we adopted a while ago. Since we released […]

  • Revit product team inside the factory
    The way we develop and deliver Revit software has changed.  This post is about what that means to you, and to us, the folks “inside the factory” working on what goes into the Revit 2018 and subsequent releases. If you’ve been using Autodesk® Revit® software for a while, you know that fairly predictably come springtime […]

  • Architecture
    Check out new productivity tools and more support for multidiscipline design extending to fabrication detailing and construction It’s that time of year, and  we’re prouder than ever to share what we’ve been working on.  Revit 2018 is the latest step in the continual evolution and development of Revit for multidiscipline BIM. We are striving to deliver tools […]