John Pierson

John Pierson is a Design Technology Specialist at Parallax Team, a full-service Implementation firm. He has been practicing BIM and using Revit for over five years. Specializing in the creation of custom tools and workflows for the AEC industry, John has become well known for his Dynamo-based solutions. In addition to the creation of automated workflows and custom tools, John is a Revit certified professional for all disciplines. As a Revit certified professional, he provides custom content creation, project-based modeling and Revit training. John is an avid contributor to the Dynamo community, being a moderator on the Dynamo forum and a contributor on the Revit Forum. John is also a frequent speaker at many events including, Autodesk University, BiLT Conferences and various user groups everywhere. Follow John on twitter @60secondrevit, and on his personal blog at For more about Parallax Team, visit