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Kimberly Fuhrman is the Revit Community Manager at Autodesk. You can find her bouncing around the Revit Ideas - @kimberly.fuhrman, on Twitter - @FuhrmanKimberly, or email

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    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Ok, no, it is not the holiday season, but it sure does feel like it when the new version of Revit is released! Autodesk recently released Revit 2023 and there were quite a few Revit Ideas that have been implemented in this release. It was hard to […]

  • Inside the Factory
    If you have used Revit 2022 or Revit LT 2022 for a while, you may have noticed after closing Revit that a survey window pops up asking you to rate your experience. Personally, my first instinct is to close the thing and move on with my life. Please don’t do that with this one! I […]

  • Inside the Factory
    It has been a busy few months around the Factory since the release of Revit 2022. But the work has not stopped! Our product teams are continuing work on new features and enhancements that are being tested in our Preview Release. Many of those features and enhancements are based on your Revit Ideas (and other […]

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    Revit 2022 is undoubtedly one of the more robust updates we have seen coming from Inside the Factory. Increased functionality, new features and enhancements make Revit 2022 an update to remember. About half of the new features and enhancements came directly from your ideas via the Revit Ideas forum. When an Idea has been added […]

  • Inside the Factory
    Go Inside the Factory to learn more about this special invite-only event for providing feedback to Revit product teams.

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    This month we explore the Top 10 Revit Ideas in the Gathering Support category.

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    As the cold of January creeps in, I am settling into my role as Revit Community Manager. As a response to the “Open Letter”, my goal as Community Manager is to bridge the gap and continue to nurture discussions related to Revit that benefit both groups and continue to improve Revit. As a long-time Revit user, I am […]

  • Architecture
    “Welcome to Autodesk!” Those three words are still sinking into my brain! I have recently joined Autodesk as the new Revit Community Manager after well over a quarter of a century in the architectural and civil drafting fields. My first “real job” was board drafting (yes, with pens and mylar) for a mechanical engineer. I […]