Jeff Hanson

Jeff has been part of the Revit team since 2006. He works as a Subject Matter Expert developing learning content. Prior to joining Autodesk, Jeff worked for an Architectural firm in Minneapolis for 8 years.

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    New how-to articles added regularly by Autodesk's Jeff Hanson.

  • Have you tried
    Revit 2021 introduced generative design tools to Revit. These tools can automate the execution of generative design studies in an iterative way. You can focus your attention on other areas of your model while Generative Design runs in the background. Then you filter the results of the generative design study to find the outcomes that […]

  • Have you tried
    What is it? In Revit 2021 there was a change to the “realistic” visual style. In previous versions of Revit, realistic visual style applied material appearances to elements in your model. In 2021, real-time realistic views applies material appearances and lighting effects to the view as you move through the model.  At it’s core, realistic […]

  • Architecture
    Save time calculating egress and path of travel with a new automation tool in Revit.

  • Software Tips
    We’ve probably all had the experience of pushing to meet a deadline to complete a model, only to be slowed down by having to stop and fix corrupted project files. That’s no way to spend your time with the clock ticking. There are steps you can take to reduce data corruption in Revit. There are […]

  • AU Hero Image
    Tips, tricks & tutorials
    If you’ve been to Autodesk University (AU), no doubt you’ve heard inspiring stories of Autodesk customers doing amazing things with the software. If you have not been to AU, we have you covered—but it’s a fantastic event that you really should try to attend. Fortunately, those customer success stories are not just reserved for a […]

  • Events
    Fall is in the air, and the leaves are at peak color here in Manchester, New Hampshire. That also means it is time for Autodesk University Las Vegas. As I write this, final preparations are taking place to make it another fantastic AU in Las Vegas, November 13-15, 2018. Whether you have never been or […]

  • Revit LT vs Revit
    While not quite as existential as Hamlet’s soliloquy on the nature of life and death, we do see this question asked by customers: Revit LT vs Revit? They are trying to figure out which version of Autodesk Revit software is going to work best for them and understand the real differences between them. In this […]

  • Table used in demo of Revit families
    When I first started using Revit, I had a hard time with the term Revit “families”.  However, as I have learned more about Revit, I’ve realized Revit families are at the core of Revit and not only does the term itself have much more meaning to me but it helps me understand how Revit works. […]

  • Revit knowledge
    Tips, tricks & tutorials
    The CX (Content Experience) team is back to let you know about Revit knowledge content that has been recently updated, at your request. In my previous article I explained how giving help articles ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’, and comments helps the CX team make articles better for our customers. Here is another collection of five topics, […]

  • Revit skills
    Tips, tricks & tutorials
    Your feedback on Revit Help content helps us provide a better learning experience for all customers.  In this post I’ll share how customer input works, and will also point you to videos on five must-know Revit skills. Have you ever noticed the, “Was this helpful?” message at the bottom of an article on the Autodesk […]

  • Revit training
    Even with formal Revit training, learning to use Revit can be a big task to tackle. When coming to Revit from another application, such as AutoCAD it is quite likely everything just “feels” different and takes some getting used to. One thing that can help smooth out the learning curve of Revit is taking some […]

  • railing tools in Revit 2018
    If you model multistory buildings, Revit 2018 will be a game-changer with new features that simplify creation of stairs and the accompanying handrails.  And, yes, we know that Revit architecture users have been asking for this feature for…a while.  It’s one that we’re extremely happy to include in this release because we really want to […]