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  • MEP
    Climate Change is driving innovation in energy generation, storage and consumption – impacting design and construction. That’s why here at Autodesk, we’re working with Schneider Electric to reimagine the future of sustainable buildings using Building Information Modeling (BIM). As part of our ongoing efforts to refine our products to better serve you—our customers—and our planet, we are […]

  • Product news
    As the cold of January creeps in, I am settling into my role as Revit Community Manager. As a response to the “Open Letter”, my goal as Community Manager is to bridge the gap and continue to nurture discussions related to Revit that benefit both groups and continue to improve Revit. As a long-time Revit user, I am […]

  • Architecture
    “Welcome to Autodesk!” Those three words are still sinking into my brain! I have recently joined Autodesk as the new Revit Community Manager after well over a quarter of a century in the architectural and civil drafting fields. My first “real job” was board drafting (yes, with pens and mylar) for a mechanical engineer. I […]

  • Product news
    Load Autodesk Family is a cloud-based tool that allows you to access all Autodesk-provided Revit RFA families in Revit 2021.1

  • Generative Design
    Two new sample studies use grids to quickly generate room layouts aligned to social distancing guidelines.

  • Product news
    Lightweight and modern deploy and install experience makes a debut for Revit.

  • What’s New
    New viewer capability makes it easy to share and visualize real-time BIM data from Navisworks.

  • Tips, tricks & tutorials
    We're all working remotely. How to avoid disruption and stay connected to your projects with Revit.

  • What’s New
    With Autodesk University 2019 unfolding this week, it’s a perfect time to introduce new functionalities in Dynamo that will empower structural engineers to bring automation into their steel connection workflows. With the Revit 2020.2 point release, new Dynamo nodes and sample scripts bridge the gap between structural analysis and modelling phases, enabling standardization and faster […]

  • What’s New
    Written by:  Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, Pawel Piechnik, Martin Schmid, David Smolker  In our second point release for Revit 2020, we’re focused on productivity, with new automation workflows in Dynamo, faster ways to view, select, and edit schedules, and navigation tools that will have you flying through your model with the greatest of ease. Remember, you can access […]

  • What’s New
    Introducing Design Automation API for Revit Design Automation for Revit makes the Revit API you know and love available as a cloud service. It officially releases to the public today. You asked us to make your lives easier by automating repetitive tasks. You also asked us to make Revit data more openly accessible. We listened. […]

  • What’s New
    Written by: Ian Molloy, Harlan Brumm, Pawel Piechnik, Sasha Crotty A new version of Revit in August? Now that we release features as soon as they are ready, subscribers don’t need to wait for the annual release to access the latest Revit. The product team is happy introduce this latest Revit point release, bringing you […]

  • Revit security fix
    Product news
    ACTION ALERT: Autodesk Identity Services will move to TLS 1.2 on August 3, 2019. Check this link for a list of affected Revit versions and the Revit Cloud Worksharing service to find out if you should update your software. We released a number of security upgrades for Revit that affect Autodesk® BIM 360® Design (Revit® […]

  • Screenshot of usage reporting feature
    What’s New
    Wondering if your team is making the most efficient use of your software? Before now, your choice was either to keep wondering or engage in time-intensive, manual tracking of users, products, and versions. But Autodesk’s new usage reporting* functionality takes the guesswork and slog out of tracking who is using what product and how often. This […]

  • Unity model on Ipad
    Unity Technologies has announced plans to release Unity Reflect, a new product that connects to Revit to make it easier for project stakeholders to review and make updates to BIM or CAD projects in immersive, interactive 3D environments. Unity Reflect will be available in fall 2019.  Sign up here to receive updates on Unity Reflect.  The […]