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    Whether you need to iterate concept studies, prepare your project for design review, or validate the final selection of materials and furnishings, Autodesk Cloud Rendering is an integrated, cost-effective way to generate your interior visualizations directly from Revit without pausing or stopping your work.  Cloud rendering has been available to Autodesk Revit and AEC Collection subscribers for […]

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    As the cold of January creeps in, I am settling into my role as Revit Community Manager. As a response to the “Open Letter”, my goal as Community Manager is to bridge the gap and continue to nurture discussions related to Revit that benefit both groups and continue to improve Revit. As a long-time Revit user, I am […]

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    Revit 2021 introduced generative design tools to Revit. These tools can automate the execution of generative design studies in an iterative way. You can focus your attention on other areas of your model while Generative Design runs in the background. Then you filter the results of the generative design study to find the outcomes that […]

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    What is it? In Revit 2021 there was a change to the “realistic” visual style. In previous versions of Revit, realistic visual style applied material appearances to elements in your model. In 2021, real-time realistic views applies material appearances and lighting effects to the view as you move through the model.  At it’s core, realistic […]

  • Tips, tricks & tutorials
    We're all working remotely. How to avoid disruption and stay connected to your projects with Revit.

  • Architecture
    Save time calculating egress and path of travel with a new automation tool in Revit.

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    Tips, tricks & tutorials
    If you’ve been to Autodesk University (AU), no doubt you’ve heard inspiring stories of Autodesk customers doing amazing things with the software. If you have not been to AU, we have you covered—but it’s a fantastic event that you really should try to attend. Fortunately, those customer success stories are not just reserved for a […]

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    What’s New
    Wondering if your team is making the most efficient use of your software? Before now, your choice was either to keep wondering or engage in time-intensive, manual tracking of users, products, and versions. But Autodesk’s new usage reporting* functionality takes the guesswork and slog out of tracking who is using what product and how often. This […]

  • Mixed use development Connected Learning Hubrchitect
    Are you an architect who needs to coordinate your design across an extended project team including BIM managers, structural, MEP, and civil engineers (to name a few)? Do you have questions about how to work better as a team across disciplines or with firms collaborating on the same projects? Are you looking to connect with […]

  • Architecture
    I wanted to share some news with you about our early stage concept modeling tool, FormIt.  This week FormIt has had a major update and we’re pleased to announce that FormIt v17 is now available!  FormIt is a solid modeler, that enables enhanced shape manipulation, and is typically used to express early-stage building design ideas. […]

  • Table used in demo of Revit families
    When I first started using Revit, I had a hard time with the term Revit “families”.  However, as I have learned more about Revit, I’ve realized Revit families are at the core of Revit and not only does the term itself have much more meaning to me but it helps me understand how Revit works. […]

  • Structure
    In this blog post, I’ll continue the subject I started a few weeks ago. In the part 1 I covered how structural designers and engineers can collaborate and how AEC Collection helps them connect design with analysis. In this part let’s focus on verification of steel connections, detailing and fabrication. During the project process from […]

  • insight webinar
    If you’d like to explore more deeply how to use Autodesk Insight — the building performance analysis service that works with Revit– here are three in-depth webinars hosted by Senior Product Manager Ian Molloy that will set you on the right track. In these webinars, which are free by the way, you’ll: Learn about integrated […]

  • Structure
    Traditional structural engineering workflows involve a variety of challenges. Structural engineers typically start the design process by getting familiar with the architect’s design by interpreting architectural drawings or general 3D conceptions. From those drawings most structural engineering offices will create at least two different visions of the project by creating a design of the physical […]

  • Using inputs in Dynamo player
    By now you have surely heard of the Dynamo Player, the awesome little tool for running Dynamo scripts (graphs) in the background in Revit. If you have not heard of it, it is available in Revit 2017.2 and up and appears in the Manage tab, next to Dynamo. Dynamo is a tool for generative design […]