Autodesk AEC Public Roadmaps

These roadmaps share a view of the feature development pipeline from Autodesk AEC product teams. Roadmap cards with a “💡” mean that the feature request originated from Community Ideas. For more on voting on ideas or posting new ideas, read this article in the Autodesk Community Forums.

To offer feedback to Autodesk development teams on individual roadmap features, click on the desired card, mark it as “Critical” or “Important” or “Nice-to-have”, and share a note to provide more context. Bookmark this page for easy reference and subscribe to the Revit blog to never miss an update.

Safe Harbor Statement

Roadmaps are plans, not promises or guarantees. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, releases, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion. These roadmap updates should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

Revit – Architecture

Revit – Structures

Revit – MEP

Dynamo Public Roadmap

Roadmap Archive

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