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Colin Smith
May 10, 2019

Calum Alexander Watt is a freelance storyboarder concept artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry. He has created costume designs for Neill Blomkamp (Alien and Zygote) Lucasfilm (Star Wars Episode IX, Solo A Star Wars Story) character designs for Pixar (TBA) and storyboarded for Blur Studios and Tim Miller (Terminator and Love, Death and Robots). He lives and works in the UK somewhere near the sea. See more of his work at

One of the most common questions I am asked is what software I use, so in this video we take a quick walk-through of a concept design from initial sketch to finished linework and through to final colored render.

SketchBook is an excellent drawing environment with a natural feel to the pens and tools. It serves all my creative approaches from graphic linework to fully rendered painted images.

As with any character design, attention must be given to silhouette and overall form, especially if the design will be rigged and animated.   When creating a piece for costume design it’s important to present a design that is clear in form and easily relates the fabrics and materials required.  These images will be used by the costume fabricators and modellers who will work to bring the design together in the practical costume.


The treatment in this video combines the linework and rendering approaches keeping the energy of the inking but reinforcing the qualities of the materials with painted lighting and texture.

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Colin Smith

Colin is a Sr. Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design Team at Autodesk. During his 25-year career in the CAD industry he has worked in customer support, training, consulting and as a product manager for Alias and Fusion 360. Currently, he works on SketchBook Pro and Create VR and is based in Toronto, Canada.