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Colin Smith
March 23, 2017

Our friend Jason Heeley has been busy building an incredible library of custom brushes. Hundreds of them, each more interesting than the last. If you know Jason’s work, you are keenly aware that he’s a master at creating landscapes and environmental textures in his concept art. Using his brushes is pretty much cheating when it comes to painting natural environments. Today, we give you that opportunity. Download Jason’s Art Brushes and install them in SketchBook for Mac or PC and use them in your own art, whether that’s creating concept art or just beautiful landscapes.

What’s in This Brush Set

This is Jason’s go-to personal toolset that contains a huge range of brushes, erasers, and effects. Below is a beautifully illustrated chart showcasing each brush’s capability.

Jason’s Brushes on Creative Market

It’s truly amazing how many great brushes Jason put into this free set, but these 35 brushes are actually only part of the story. He recently opened his own store on Creative Market, and this set is one of 15 sets in his Pro Brushes Collection. The entire collection contains 286 separate brushes (!) and has different sets for drawing foliage, trees, rock, grasses, ground surfaces, clouds, and snow. You can get all of Jason’s SketchBook Pro Brushes for a mere $12, but of course why not start with this free set he’s sharing with us on the SketchBook blog.

Clouds, rocks, water — Jason covers just about every type of landscape element you need in his giant collection.

We think you’ll see right away that he has a knack for not just drawing beautiful landscapes but also for creating excellent tools for artists. His massive collection is quite frankly one of the most impressive uses of the SketchBook brush engine we’ve ever seen. We highly encourage you to consider grabbing the entire collection (along with his tip sheets) for your own art projects.

The Goddess will be pleased when you paint something as beautiful as this using Jason’s brushes.

Learn to Draw Concept Art with Jason

Jason created a tutorial for the SketchBook blog a few months back, so check out his Epic, Icy Landscapes tutorial (with downloadable brush set) if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with drawing concept art. If you’re already a fan of concept art, you’ll recognize this kind of massive landscape with one single, solitary pilgrim wandering through it. It’s a classic take and one that you can accomplish with a little experimenting (and the right brushes).

Installing the Brush Set

If you’re using the latest desktop version of SketchBook, simply double click on the .skbrushes file, and it will automatically install.

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Colin Smith

Colin is a Sr. Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design Team at Autodesk. During his 25-year career in the CAD industry he has worked in customer support, training, consulting and as a product manager for Alias and Fusion 360. Currently, he works on SketchBook Pro and Create VR and is based in Toronto, Canada.