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Following his wonderful Art Brush Set and his Water Effect Brush Set, Jason Heeley brings us a fantastical new set of brushes for SketchBook that are perfect for creating fantasy art. Be it dragons, mermaids, or other magical beasts; cliffs, mountains, or deep forests; even castles and cottages. This fantasy art brush set will set you up to make beautiful fantasy scenes.

New Fantasy Art Brush Set

Jason’s Free Fantasy Art Brush Set is a comprehensive pack of 35 new brushes tailored to the style and effects needed to make evocative and dramatic fantasy art. There are beautiful, thoughtful brushes that layer and blend automatically. Some have a beautiful ink quality whose opacity shifts to lead effortless blending. Others are fantastic texture stamps that add dimension to your scenery. One of our favorite sets in this pack is the set of cloud effects, they are so impactful with just a sweep of your pen an entire magical night sky appears.

These fantasy art brushes are brand new and not included in Jason’s SketchBook Pro Brushes Collection that are for sale on Creative Market. That collection is a huge set of 320 brushes that can help you create everything in an epic landscape, sand to sky. That collection is just  $12 on Creative Market and would be a great compliment to this new Fantasy Art brush set. We suggest you include it in your SketchBook brush library.

Installing the Brush Set

If you’re using the latest desktop version of SketchBook, simply double click on the .skbrushes file, and it will automatically install.

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Colin Smith

Colin is the Sr. Product Manager for SketchBook Pro at Autodesk. He lives near Toronto, Canada.