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Colin Smith
October 31, 2017

Since we released our first Windows 10 version of SketchBook last summer, we’ve had an enormous amount of new people show up to try out SketchBook who have found our app through the Microsoft Store. And those people have been very enthusiastic! We’ve heard great feedback from those users, and that feedback has informed the improvements we’ve been making to the app. Today, the Windows 10 version of SketchBook gets an update that we know people are going to love.

Distort and Transform

The big news here is the ability to distort and transform objects. This is incredibly handy for fixing a perspective or proportion problem, and you can do this by transforming a tiny selection or an entire layer. The tool combines both Transform and Distort. You can scale your selection or grab it and stretch it to distort it. Use the middle point — or bias — to stretch your selection even further. Do those freckles you drew not really fit her face? Use Distort or Transform to make them fit.

HSL and Color Balance Options

You’ll see a new menu for color options. It lets you adjust the HSL — Hue, Saturation, Lightness — of a selection. This is handy for changing the color of an object or a layer. Just drag the sliders and experiment until you like the way it looks. You’ll also see a new Color Balance option in this menu. It’s another way to adjust the details of color, and again you drag the sliders to add more Red and less Cyan, for example. If you’re into color, you’ll appreciate these options a lot.

Text Tool

Everyone needs a text tool at some point, so we’re happy to be adding this to the Windows 10 version. Not only can you add text (any font on your computer should work), you can also distort, rotate, and flip that text.

Windows 10 is our most recently developed app, and this release plays a little bit of catch up to bring the Windows 10 version closer to full feature parity with our other desktop apps.

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Colin Smith

Colin is a Sr. Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design Team at Autodesk. During his 25-year career in the CAD industry he has worked in customer support, training, consulting and as a product manager for Alias and Fusion 360. Currently, he works on SketchBook and Project Sugarhill and is based in Toronto, Canada.