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Every month our team searches social media in search of inspiring pieces created in Autodesk SketchBook.  If a post stands out with great execution in a genre/industry, demonstrates unique creativity, or had a cool backstory, it has a chance to make it into our Staff Picks.
Help us discover what you’re up to by simply using #sketchbookapp when you post your creations.
Thanks to everyone who posted their creations this March.  Keep up the incredible work!
– SketchBook team

@MattMarchand_ – Architectural Concepts

@dantorkehagen – Footwear Design

@noor.anik – It’s okay to stumble…

@nopal62 – Process

@twins_illustrations – And so the adventure begins

@baconsbytes – Concept Art

@_volz_ – Color Study

@jklawler_art – Robot Sketch

@jspcreate – More Flowers, More Petals

@joslyn.artist – Done with inks… moving on

Featured Links

Colin Smith

Colin is the Sr. Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design team at Autodesk. He lives near Toronto, Canada.