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With a mixture of sadness, pride and excitement, I’m sharing that we are spinning out SketchBook from Autodesk into the trusted hands of a newly launched independent company called Sketchbook, Inc. 

While we value SketchBook and feel an obligation to the community and users that have grown with us over the past decade, we also recognize that much has changed at Autodesk.  

After careful consideration and evaluation, we found the perfect home for SketchBook with a company formed by people who previously built and evangelized the SketchBook brand. This company, appropriately named Sketchbook, is focused wholly on the health and growth of SketchBook and its community.  

The SketchBook apps will continue to be available from the Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores, delivered by its new owners. Both companies, Autodesk and Sketchbook, will be working with Apple, Google and Microsoft to make this transition as smooth as possible over the coming days. Also, Autodesk has ended the direct sale and distribution of the commercial version of SketchBook earlier this year. 

It is, of course, a bittersweet yet prideful moment, as we have so many great memories to reflect on. SketchBook Pro – also known as SketchBook, SketchBook Express, SketchBook Mobile, SketchBook O, and SketchBook Copic – is a serious digital arts tool for expressive drawing and sketching used by a broad set of casual artists, hobbyists, and professionals. Initially developed as StudioPaint by Alias Research (before Alias was acquired by Autodesk in 2006), it evolved over the years into a personal creativity tool enjoyed by millions on mobile and desktop devices. 

We worked with amazingly creative and technical partners and have seen our SketchBook community and fan base grow and inspire each other over the years. There are so many notable milestones, just to name a few: 

  • SketchBook Mobile became Autodesk’s first mobile app supporting the first iPhone and iPod touch generation in September 2009; the Android version launched one year later.  
  • Seeing SketchBook make an appearance on stage for the Apple keynote as part of the iPad launch in April 2010. 
  • Working with Microsoft, SketchBook became part of their Windows App Store in October 2012, passing 1 million active users within months. 
  • Teaming up with Oprah Winfrey and her lifestyle magazine O in 2011 for a special version called SketchBook O. 
  • Our long-standing collaboration with TOO Corp. brought a digital representation of their famous Copic markers to SketchBook’s colour palette. 
  • The many years working closely with our friends at Wacom. Their pen and tablet technology revolutionized digital drawing and sketching. 
  • Having SketchBook preloaded on Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets and phones for many years, supporting their Intelligent S Pen. 
  • Reaching 10 million monthly active users across all platforms beginning of 2020.  
  • Each of its many “Best App” awards and recognition. 
  • Lastly, the many artists and users that became friends while building this fantastic community with us over the past decade. 

We are thrilled to see the new owners’ commitment to SketchBook and are certain they will build on its heritage and elevate SketchBook and its community to new levels.  

The SketchBook apps will continue to be available via Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores. We will work closely with the new owners to ensure a successful transition and ongoing cooperation beyond that. And most exciting, you will experience renewed energy and dedication to Sketchbook.  

We can’t wait to see where you go. For more 



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Thomas Heermann

Driving Purposeful Innovation, Thomas is Vice President in Autodesk's Product Development and Manufacturing Group, responsible for the Automotive and Conceptual Design products including Alias, VRED, Shotgun in the Design Studio, SketchBook Pro and Extended Reality. Based in Toronto, Canada.


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  1. Avatarsnowsakura



    Congratulations,Will the blog here be kept?

    1. Thomas HeermannThomas Heermann (Post author)



      yes, we will keep this blog for a while with all its content being available to you. we plan not to add new content. that will be available on

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  5. Avatarthedoctorphoenix



    What about arm and 32bit? I still can’t use it on the galaxy book2 which is my main machine for sketchbook it can’t connect to the server so it is stuck in demo mode please help David lau keeps redirecting me…

  6. Avatarplvsan999




  7. StibeliuzStibeliuz



    Wow! This is awesome news. I believe I have been using Sketchbook since 2011 or 2012. I have tried many apps (mostly on windows) but I always have come back. It just suits for me and my use perfectly.

  8. AvatarHotelMidnight



    Congratulations I look forward to wonderful updates. Thanks for the news!

  9. AvatarHenryStahle



    This is Great News. I have been using Sketchbook for a long time and want to do it in the future too. I use the Win10 version for my desktop computer and on my Surface Pro. I love using Sketchbook on my Android tablet with Dex. It will be interesting to see what happens yo the program in the future. This is reaaly Good News!

  10. Avatarajantha27393



    Excited for the news! Waiting to see what comes next.

    A wish from my side:

    I use Sketchbook on my tablet and PC. Painting on my tablet is more difficult than on my PC. However I can’t record on my PC, so I paint on my tablet to record the process for my youtube channel. Is there a possibility to have the recording feature on Desktop Version? That would be awesome!

    Link to my channel:

    Best wishes to the team!