Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

Spacemaker Team
Spacemaker Team March 11, 2020 3 min read

At Spacemaker we are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day, recognising all of the fantastic, talented, superhero women that we have working across the company. We also want to say a huge thanks and shoutout to our fabulous men, without whom it would not be possible to create the positive culture and environment that fosters equal opportunity for all.

Equal opportunity at Spacemaker is about creating an environment where people are genuinely listened to for the content of what they are saying. We have achieved this through culture, rather than policy. It is a culture founded in respectfulness, open-mindedness and transparency. We don’t operate alongside bias factors, such as gender but this also extends to age and other discriminatory traits — we don’t allow these factors to influence how much value we place on an individual’s input.

This is a culture that was actively crafted by the founding team and a behaviour that they continue to role-model. It is a culture that allows women to be heard and listened to on equal terms and therefore their contribution can be equal to their male colleagues.

This idea of equal contribution is an important concept in the discussion on gender balance. It is clear that more and more women are needed “at the table”“, but these seats must also carry equal impact. It is important that women have the opportunity to work to our potential, to work at a level that matches our intellect, expertise and skill, but also that businesses get the full benefit of our abilities, both financial and cultural.

At Spacemaker, it is our aim to create and foster an environment that is positive towards women. We embrace transparency, it is a principle of how we operate across the business, in which we endeavour to work at maximum transparency. All opportunities, at all levels in the organisation, are published openly so it is transparent when roles become available and how to apply for them.

Although within the cocoon of our own environment we are able to create and foster an environment that is positive towards women, it is uncontroversial to say that as a society and community, we still have quite a bit of work to do on addressing the gender imbalance. There remain wider societal issues at play and despite this highly positive work environment, it is possible for any woman to be negatively affected by established perceptions and beliefs which can be self-limiting and can lead to behaviours or decisions founded in fear. This is something we aim to address for the women at Spacemaker through active coaching as well as active and open discussions to debate and explore both our own biases, as well as the biases we will encounter towards us.

As we grow our company, we are continuously working on setting it up in such as way that the future of leadership across our business will be gender balanced. The result is a tangible shift in working conditions, satisfaction and the opportunity for women to thrive. We are seeing that after joining Spacemaker, proportionately speaking women take on more leadership responsibility. We currently have a gender breakdown of 72% men vs 28% women, however that improves amongst leadership roles where women hold 33% of the positions. At date of writing, we also ranked #5 in Norway for equality and opportunity. https://www.equalitycheck.it/

We hope and believe that through this approach of transparency, open-mindedness, equal contribution and coaching, women at Spacemaker will progress through their careers feeling equipped, skilled and confident to take on more and more leadership responsibility at all levels in the organisation.

We are committed to continuing to work on making Spacemaker the workplace where all our employees can thrive, regardless of their gender, age or identity.

Eleanor O’Neill is Executive Vice President of Customer Success at Spacemaker AI. Prior to her current role, Eleanor held the position of Chief Customer Officer and Chief Information Officer at Workshare, a legal technology company headquartered in London. Eleanor holds a PhD in Building Simulation and Analysis from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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