Skanska to use AI from Spacemaker for early planning of residential housing

Spacemaker Team
Spacemaker Team March 14, 2020 2 min read

Stockholm/Oslo, Tuesday, 14 March 2020. Today, Oskar Kurasz, head of operations for Skanska Sweden, and Håvard Haukeland, co-founder and CEO of Spacemaker announced that they signed an agreement for a corporate partnership, covering Skanska’s use of the Spacemaker AI platform for the optimization of residential building sites in the early phases.

Skanska is a leading developer of housing and residential areas in the Nordic region. With Spacemaker’s AI platform, the company intends to advance its digital transformation process, which is ongoing across all parts of the company.

With Spacemaker, we can analyze, simulate and visualize alternative designs early in residential developments, which would have otherwise taken too long to implement with traditional methods. The platform helps us to build more efficiently and even more sustainably”, says Oskar Kurasz

‍”The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning estimates the need for new housing at 600,000 by 2025. Streamlining housing construction is everyone’s responsibility and we are convinced that our investments in digitalisation will contribute to that. With this tool, we will be more efficient and lead better dialogues with the municipalities. All of these are processes that take a long time with traditional tools, and especially detailed planning work is a bottleneck. Today, it takes nine years from project idea until the first resident can move into a newly built home”, says Oskar Kurasz, operations manager, Skanska Nya Hem.

By using AI early in residential developments, we can analyze, simulate and visualize alternatives that would have taken too long to implement with other methods. It allows us to build more efficiently and even more sustainably than before”, says Oskar Kurasz.

Spacemaker offers a proprietary software combining cloud computing with artificial intelligence to help developers maximize the living qualities and density of a building site by taking into consideration physical data, regulations, local requirements and preferences.

“We developed Spacemaker’s AI platform not only for but also together with architects, engineers and housing developers. As one of these forward-thinking companies, who used Spacemaker early on, we are proud that Skanska is now expanding their partnership with us.”, says Håvard Haukeland.

Starting with residential developments in Stockholm, Skanska is the second major Swedish construction group to announce an expanded partnership with Spacemaker in short succession. In addition to Skanska, Spacemaker is now a partner of AF Gruppen, OBOS, NREP, JM and French Bouygues. In 2019 Spacemaker won the Innovation Award from the Norwegian construction industry. The company is financed with venture capital from, among others, Atomico and Northzone.

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