Valode&Pistre and Spacemaker sign an R&D partnership to increase the use of AI in real estate

Spacemaker Team
Spacemaker Team May 28, 2020 2 min read

Paris/Oslo, Thursday, 28 May 2020: Spacemaker, an AI-assisted platform dedicated to construction, announces the conclusion of a Research & Development partnership with the international architecture agency Valode&Pistre. This collaboration looked at perfecting the land valuation technology based on Spacemaker’s artificial intelligence, using the world-renowned experience and know-how of the Valode&Pistre teams.

Spacemaker develops a software which, based on the analysis of physical data of a site, regulations and environmental factors, allows to optimize the constructible potential of a land and to facilitate interactions between developers, architects, engineering offices and communities during the first phases of an operation (in particular during preliminary studies).

Known for its spectacular achievements and major projects such as the extension of the city of Monaco, the Saint-Gobain tower, the urban trusses of Paris (on the roof of the Parc des expositions – Porte de Versailles), or the renovation of the Gare du Nord railway station, the Valode&Pistre agency now uses Spacemaker’s SaaS platform to design several of its current residential projects faster and more efficiently. A pioneer in the use of digital tools, this partnership is a new asset for the agency’s development and the realization of transformative projects.

“We at Valode&Pistre are aware that new technologies create new opportunities and that they are not an obstacle to architectural creativity and project management, on the contrary. The integration of AI in pre-project studies is a logical step in the evolution of our business. We are therefore delighted to be able to contribute to the development of Spacemaker technology which will help us in different contexts. We are working closely together to ensure that the methods and tools needed for pre-project studies can be made more effective. The use of AI and the platform will allow us to analyze more concepts for each site in less time, while providing us with a wealth of data to support our decision making. ” – Jean Pistre, co-director of the Valode&Pistre Group.

Valode&Pistre teams benefit from dedicated training and support from Spacemaker’s teams, and work together to adapt the software to French cultural and regulatory specificities, perfect its existing functions and co-construct its future functionalities. The added value of Valode&Pistre’s knowledge of design and BIM professions allows Spacemaker to have a complete view on the needs of French designers in this context of evolution of professions and integration of technologies.

“Our AI platform is the very first of its kind dedicated to pre-project studies, so it is important for us to continue our investments in research and development. As an official partner in France, Valode&Pistre will share their experience with us and provide us with valuable lessons to continue adapting the solution to the specific needs of French architects. A partnership with such a well known and reputable agency is an asset to continue to be relevant in our approach, efficiently develop our product and deliver real added value to our customers worldwide” – Håvard Haukeland, CEO of Spacemaker

With its solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Spacemaker intends to meet the needs of sustainable and faster design since some analyses necessary for pre-project studies that previously took several weeks are now delivered in a few minutes. By combining data automation and AI-based design, Spacemaker paves the way for more collaborative and transparent planning.

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