VIGUIER partners with Spacemaker to boost digital capabilities with AI

Maria Dantz
Maria Dantz October 13, 2020 1 min read

Paris, France / Oslo, Norway, 13 October 2020: We’re pleased to welcome world-renowned architecture, urban planning and landscape firm VIGUIER as one of our new partners in France.

This collaboration will see the extensive experience and know-how of VIGUIER, combined with the innovative technologies of generative design and AI that the Spacemaker platform offers. 

VIGUIER shares our vision of creating a harmonious and diversified urban environment, which corresponds to the growth and needs of modern cities in a sustainable way.

Analyze in Spacemaker

The firm will use the innovative functionalities of our Spacemaker platform on several projects, analyzing the physical, regulatory and environmental data of a building site in order to maximize space, while delivering the most optimal living qualities. 

Furthermore, VIGUIER will use Spacemaker to facilitate a better collaboration between the different stakeholders of a real estate project and to introduce more data-led decision making to the feasibility and development phases. This will allow the architecture firm to not only better meet the expectations of their partners but to root the project in an approach that is based on collaboration and co-creation.

Explore in Spacemaker

VIGUIER aims to introduce more transparency in city planning in order to create urban environments that correspond to the needs of their current and future users. The use of our artificial intelligence technologies during the feasibility and study phase, upstream of projects, empowers their architects to explore more solutions in a shorter amount of time, and to find the best possible solution for a site. 

Spacemaker’s innovative platform for performance-driven design provides architects with crucial data that not only supports more effective decision-making but supercharges their intuition and creativity so they can design unique and livable spaces that can stand the test of time. 

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