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Spacemaker Team November 17, 2020 4 min read

When we started Spacemaker four years ago, we set out on an incredibly ambitious journey of changing how design, engineering and project teams work all over the world. We believed that changing how they work was exactly how you would improve the built environment, globally. 

Today, we are embarking on a new chapter that will dramatically accelerate our ability to achieve that mission. We are extremely excited to announce that we have decided to join forces with the most credible global software provider in our industry – Autodesk.  We are thrilled to share we have accepted an offer from Autodesk to acquire Spacemaker

In just four years, we have gone from three people to a team over 110. Collectively, we have turned a simple but powerful idea, into a product that has become a critical tool for our customers. Every person within Spacemaker has helped create a company with incredible customers and partners, each doing amazing things with our platform. 

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Autodesk has 11.000 employees spread across the world. They were the inventors of CAD-drawing in the 1980s (digital hand drawing), and when 3d modelling was invented in the late 90s, it was them that ended up establishing and defining the BIM category in the 2000s (Revit). When cloud computing became available some years ago, Autodesk succeeded in converting to a modern SaaS-company. Now they have set out to drive the fourth revolution in this industry, meaning the transition to outcome-driven design. This is built on a vision for the future of our cities and communities that is surprisingly similar to ours. 

More than two billion more people are expected to call our planet home by 2050. We need to shape the cities of the world with enough speed, sustainability and quality to address global population growth, quality of life and climate change.

Our approach to tackling these issues is completely new and disruptive to the industry. Spacemaker customers have described it as «replacing pen and paper with a spaceship», though one that is easy to pilot for anyone. 

We are confident that we have found a solution to the problem we set out to solve, and we have no time to lose in getting it in the hands of more people. The result of every construction project will affect the built environment for decades, and every such project optimized with the help of new technologies and products like Spacemaker will increase our positive footprint on the world. 

Autodesk truly understands what we are trying to do. And how hard it is. As we began our joint discussions, we realized that we share the same vision for how modern technology can have a game-changing impact on how we design our cities. We were impressed by the cultural similarities between the companies. Everyone we met, from CEO to data scientist, floored us with their humble attitude, their curiosity, their understanding of the nuances and their knowledge from everything they have experienced that does not solve customer problems.

As the conversations got deeper, the possibilities of what we might do together became more and more intriguing.  

We realized that with Autodesk as a partner, we can bring the Spacemaker platform to planning and design teams around the world significantly faster. 

Autodesk can look back at almost 40 years of deep industry experience, which will help us unlock product innovation faster than ever and empower us to deliver an exceptional level of support and service to customers worldwide. 

Clearly, this investment from Autodesk not only affirms the unique value proposition of Spacemaker’s product – more than anything, it affirms the value of our world-class team. We would simply not be here without every single one of you.

So, to each and every member of our team: It is you that take ownership of the problems AND the solutions, it is you that keep pushing us further, that inspire us daily with your “never give up” attitude. We are so deeply impressed and humbled by all and everything you have done and cannot wait to see what you will do with your new superpowers. You are bringing our mission to life and we will be forever grateful that you decided to go on this journey with us. 

Our quest for forging a new path to designing better cities was met with enthusiasm by our customers and partners, many of which were early adopters and have become our most valued advocates. 

Together, we have gone out to change an entire industry and it is this shared sense of purpose and the confidence of everyone involved that advanced Spacemaker into the platform it is today. We are enormously proud of what we have achieved with such trailblazers onboard and would like to extend a massive thank you for the continuous support.

Today, Spacemaker will officially join the Autodesk family. And at the same time, Spacemaker will also still be Spacemaker.  We will keep “all the good parts” that brought us to this point, and combine it with the muscle that Autodesk can provide. Headquartered in Oslo, we will continue developing our product and accelerating outcome-based design for the entire industry, bringing Spacemaker to planning teams all over the world.

We couldn’t be more excited about Spacemaker’s future and are looking forward to taking this big leap together with everyone. 

Håvard, Carl and Anders

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