NREP pioneers artificial intelligence in real estate using Spacemaker

Maria Dantz
Maria Dantz December 15, 2020 3 min read

Urban development is becoming more complex as cities grow denser and regulations increases. To solve this challenge NREP, a leading Nordic real estate company, has entered a partnership with Spacemaker to adopt a new technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). The ambition is to develop more customer-centric, effective, and sustainable real estate, and a first case hints at the potential: 6% more apartments and significantly more hours of sun- and daylight.

Growing cities puts pressure on building faster and denser, yet with high quality and careful considerations for the urban surroundings. The real estate company NREP now deepens its commitment to using digital technologies to find better ways when designing and planning buildings for the urban environment. 

In a new partnership with Spacemaker, an innovative AI-based planning and design tool, NREP aims to improve urban building design significantly. Pilot projects with Spacemaker’s technology demonstrates almost instant data-driven improvements and quicker design processes leading to solutions with more daylight, better views, and a more efficient area use.

“After only a few days of stakeholders reviewing previous proposals, the building plans were approved for change, with improved housing quality as a direct result. For example, by revising and optimizing one building, we were able to increase the hours of sunshine in the courtyard from none at all to just over 6 hours’ worth. Without Spacemaker, it would have been much more difficult to obtain the environmental certificate that the project group had decided on,” says Claus Mathisen, CEO at NREP.

NREP will be the first company to implement Spacemaker’s AI-based tool across national borders, thus further accelerating its focus on new technologies which can help create sustainable, customer-centric urban environments, in a time and cost-efficient way.

Successful pilot project

One of the pilot projects included the world’s first large-scale building to align to all of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the ‘UN17 Village’ in Copenhagen. With Spacemaker’s technology, design proposals that showed on poor daylight or blocked views could quickly be eliminated by 3D visualizing these parameters’ effect on the building volumes of more than 500 units and 35,000 sqm. 

In Sweden, NREP tested Spacemaker in early stages of a complex urban development project north of Stockholm, to evaluate the platform and the digital tools. The project aimed to meet several requirements in an area that combines row houses, multifamily residential, schools and retail. 

”Spacemaker’s technology allowed NREP to quickly analyze existing proposals from architects as well as generate improved suggestions of the building volumes and factors such as noise, sun- and daylight. Developing the urban living environments of tomorrow requires both creativity and data to make the best possible decision,” says Carl Christensen, Co-founder and CTO at Spacemaker.

With the new partnership, NREP will now apply Spacemaker’s AI platform and digital tools for real estate projects in Sweden and Denmark. On November 17, the US-based software company Autodesk acquired Spacemaker, including NREP’s shares.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Black Andersen, Head of Communications, NREP

Phone: +45 3066 6697


Jerker Hägglund, Market Lead Sweden, Spacemaker


About NREP

At home in the Nordics, NREP works to improve the built environment to the benefit of customers, communities and cities. With primarily pension funds as investors, NREP believes in long-term value creation and take a holistic stakeholder approach when developing, operating, and investing in real estate. NREP’s focus is urban development, residential to let, modern logistics and care homes. 

NREP was founded in 2005. Today, the company is recognized as a leading real estate innovator in the Nordics and has 275 employees and more than 2.5 million square meters under management. For more information, visit

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