Spacemaker enters partnership with Danish contractor, CASA

Ben Storey
Ben Storey February 3, 2021 1 min read

This past month, Spacemaker entered into an agreement with property developer and turnkey contractor, CASA. By implementing our innovative technology, CASA will be able to execute their projects with elevated efficiency, enabling them to create the highest possible quality developments in new residential areas.

“We have tested Spacemaker’s tools on one of our projects. One of the great advantages is that we can quickly analyze challenges and opportunities on the building site and produce many different development plans together with our advisers and then turn them over to the authorities and other stakeholders. It provides a higher quality and makes it easier and faster to work together,” says Henrik Hansen, director of Development West at CASA.

Recently, CASA used our software to simulate a construction project.

The development team utilized the Spacemaker platform to facilitate dialogue with the authorities, making it easier to remove wind and noise and increase the sunlight and daylight in dark places. This meant that the five models the team worked on improved between 72% and 98% measured across the set criteria. As a result of the ability to run iterations in real-time, better parking conditions and more free space in the homes were found. CASA’s goal is to achieve sustainability in 95% of all newly started construction projects by 2023.

Spacemaker’s CEO and co-founder Håvard Haukeland believes that the use of machine learning will be crucial in achieving CASA’s sustainability goal.

“In addition to artificial intelligence helping our customers create more quality in design faster, technology plays an important role in the development of sustainable cities, which is the way forward. The use of technology becomes extra valuable when CASA has to attract investors and sell new housing projects,” says Haukeland.

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