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Maria Dantz
Maria Dantz February 18, 2021 1 min read

YIT will be the first  one of the first Finnish construction companies to implement Spacemaker, enabling quick modelling of urban development projects and feasibility studies. Our technology will allow YIT to design new living environments, improve housing quality and cut down the turnaround times of construction projects.

“Spacemaker’s technology allows YIT to quickly analyse the proposals of architects and produce new proposals, taking into account various factors, from the number of buildings to noise, sunshine and daylight. The future development of cities requires both creativity and data to support the best possible decisions,” says Carl Christensen, Co-Founder and CTO of Spacemaker.

The constant growth of cities creates pressure to build more and more quickly and densely, but it is also important to ensure the quality of urban environments.

“Spacemaker has an excellent method for using open urban data, such as the data available at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The software can view the traffic flows predicted for 2040, allowing us to consider how to prepare for them in our projects. Spacemaker will enhance the urban development and project development process of YIT,” says Marko Oinas, Acting Vice President for the Housing Finland and CEE segment of YIT. Spacemaker efficiently illustrates options to fully utilize the opportunities of the construction location. This leads to better results and more efficient resourcing from the first steps of the project, allowing the designers to concentrate on creativity instead of calculations.

At YIT, Spacemaker is used by project and zoning developers as well as architects.

“The cooperation will help us create even more sustainable and enjoyable living environments and improve the comfort of housing while taking into consideration the conditions at the construction location and building regulations,” says Oinas.

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