Strengthening digitalization in urban development

Maria Dantz
Maria Dantz March 5, 2021 2 min read

NREP, the leading real estate investor and developer in the Nordics, continues to expand its partnership with Spacemaker, an innovative AI-based planning and design tool, to develop more customer-centric, efficient and sustainable urban environments in Finland. The cooperation with Spacemaker strengthens NREP’s aim to lead the digitalization of the real estate sector and find better ways to plan and design cities across the Nordics.

Building sustainable environments

Growing urban centres have significantly increased the demands to design more customer-centric, effective and sustainable built environments. As one step to solve this challenge, NREP now expands its partnership with Spacemaker, and will implement the innovative AI-based planning and design tool to develop data-driven, smarter designs for the real estate sector also in Finland. 

NREP has been the first real estate company to implement Spacemaker’s AI-based tool across the Nordics, first in Sweden and Denmark, and now in Finland. NREP aims to actively pilot new technologies that can help create sustainable, customer-centric urban environments across national borders. With the help of Spacemaker, it is possible to optimize design processes and evaluate different design solutions that improve the quality of urban development projects and lead, for example, to more daylight, better views and more efficient area use.

One of NREP’s pilot projects to implement the Spacemaker software in Denmark was the UN17 village in Copenhagen, the world’s first large-scale building project to align with all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Requirements for studio apartments in the village included beautiful views and good sun- and daylight, and with Spacemaker’s technology and 3D visualizations, it was possible to eliminate design proposals that didn’t meet these requirements. The amount of sunshine in the courtyards increased from none at all to just over 6 hours’ worth, which supports the requirements for the targeted environmental certificate. 

Using AI to enhance the site proposal

”Spacemaker’s technology allowed NREP to quickly analyze existing proposals from architects as well as generate improved suggestions of the building volumes and factors such as noise, sun- and daylight. Developing urban environments that feature high living qualities and will stand the test of time requires both creativity and data to make the best possible decision,” says Havard Haukeland, Co-founder of Spacemaker, Senior Director at Autodesk. 

In Sweden, NREP utilized Spacemaker’s platform and digital tools in the early stages of a complex urban development project north of Stockholm. The project aimed to meet several requirements in an area that combines row houses, multifamily residentials, schools and retail. Spacemaker’s technology empowered NREP to quickly analyze existing proposals from architects as well as generate improved suggestions of factors that are crucial for high living qualities including noise, sun- and daylight.

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