Undertaking the Journey: A new way of learning Spacemaker.

Jesper Staahl
Jesper Staahl April 11, 2021 4 min read

If there is one thing 2020 and 2021 have taught us here at Spacemaker, it is that the reality of remote working demands a new way of thinking. The high-energy, hands-on, engaging workshops we used to do with our users had to be reinvented. So, how can we best teach all our users how to incorporate Spacemaker into their workflows?

Spacemaker has been designed from the ground up to be intuitive, and most of our users are up and running in less than two hours. However, we still believe in the power of learning to help our users master their skills, follow best practices, and maximize the value they get from our software.

After several iterations over the year, we have developed a system that combines both synchronous and asynchronous touchpoints. We believe we have created an effective method of learning which puts Spacemaker in your hands and our AI by your side. So, I’m pleased to reveal that we’ve launched a new way to learn Spacemaker.

Introducing the Spacemaker Flights and Journeys

One of our core ways of sharing Spacemaker is through what we call the Spacemaker Way. This methodology is enabling our customers to get the most value out of Spacemaker. By going wide, exploring our solution space, before going deep into the most promising proposals, we enable architects and developers to quickly gain insights into the possibilities and challenges of their project from day one.

But how do you implement Spacemaker into your daily work most effectively? We know that hands-on workshops have been extremely effective at introducing new methods for you all, and we cannot wait to invite you to join us in future workshops as well. However, we have learned one thing this past year. When we cannot meet, the most effective way to share best practice examples for onboarding, and refreshing experienced users’ knowledge of this rapidly evolving tool, is through a mixed approach.

We want to offer you a chance to talk with us about your needs and experiences, and we want to offer you a place to schedule time for yourself to learn more about Spacemaker. This is what we have decided to call the Flights, a series of webinars at regular intervals for you to attend at your own convenience. The Flights leave at scheduled intervals, guided by our customer success managers and educational specialists. Whether you’re a current user or not, you are still welcome to join these sessions. You can find, and register, for our next Flight via our Webinar page here. 

To complement the synchronous learning of Flights, we have also created Journeys. Journeys can be undertaken at any time. It is your personal journey through the Spacemaker Way, for you to take at your own pace and convenience. We provide example scenarios, where you solve real-life challenges.  In completing these challenges, you’ll pick up the skills needed to be successful in your use of Spacemaker. Some journeys are long, others are short, but they all provide a great way to refresh your skills or pick up a few new tricks.

The Journey to Oslo

We start in our own backyard, with two journeys available to you. First, we are launching the Oslo Bispevika Journey, a journey through the basics of Spacemaker, in 6 parts, where you design and develop a project in downtown Oslo. This project is available to you through your Personal Workspace. Do you want to try to shape a piece of the Fjord City?

We are also re-launching the Oslo Waterfront Journey, a journey that takes you through the necessary skills to be ready to do the Spacemaker Certification. Redesign a waterfront property in downtown Oslo, do complex geometry adjustments, prove your understanding of the analyses that are available to you, and be ready to earn your badge of honor!

Apply for certification

Whether you’re a seasoned Spacemaker user or a rising star, consider applying to take part in the Spacemaker Certification Program. You can find more information about how certified users can elevate your team through the help center and register your interest in the certification there. If you’re not currently a user, feel free to sign up for a trial or get in touch.

Join us on our next Flight

You can find out about our next Flight here. This hands-on, face-to-face webinar will demonstrate how to utilize Spacemaker to its full potential and is suitable for beginners and intermediates. You’ll be able to follow along from your Personal Workspace practice project in downtown Copenhagen at Havnegaden. You’ll get smooth instructions in English, and access to a Q&A with the Spacemaker team directly! You can register for the next Flight via our Webinar page here. 

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