Clemens Eiendom’s incredible journey with Spacemaker

Aoife Sheehan
Aoife Sheehan April 30, 2021 3 min read

Clemens Eiendom, a renowned Norwegian developer, has grown and developed consistently since its establishment in 2014. The real estate developer has always been in the forefront in using new technology in their projects, and with  the help of Spacemaker has transformed the way the company carries out urban and residential building projects. 

Spacemaker is proud to have been working with Clemens Eiendom since 2019, both as a customer and a valuable sparring partner. “What we wanted was a focus on digitalization and how we could make our processes smarter and be more confident”, says Per Magnus Presthammer, the Director of Business Development at Clemens Eiendom. In the following blog, we would like to celebrate this collaboration and highlight two projects that showcase the value that Spacemaker can bring to real estate developers. 

A digital journey in urban and residential real-estate development

“Spacemaker has shown an incredible ability to adapt and be relevant, and offer a product that really helps!” says Bernt Nordby Skøien, CEO of Clemens Eiendom. In this video we discuss how our collaboration helped drive the digital transformation necessary to meet the challenges of the future. “What it’s all about as far as I’m concerned is how you act in the unwavering digital journey. I reckon that if you aren’t focused on these kinds of issues even though you have these kinds of opportunities today, then you’ll face a massive challenge in a few years.”

Smart neighbourhoods are already smart from the very beginning

“…at Clemens Eiendom we want to stand for something. We want to offer unique products and make local dreams around Norway come true.” It’s Clemens Eiendom’s focus to create vibrant and high-quality neighbourhoods, even in the most challenging surroundings, which makes our company an ideal partner for Spacemaker. 

“Tjeldbergvika, which is halfway between Svolvær and Kabelvåg, is one of the most beautiful places in Norway. Right by the mouth of the fjord in Lofoten, we have been given the honor and responsibility[…] to develop a residential area. And that’s exactly what Spacemaker helps us do: design each and every home so that they enjoy the best possible daylight hours and views, without being adversely affected by strong wind conditions! We have worked very closely together on this and think that the outcome has been incredible!” 

Nordic Manhattan: An exciting Urban development in Bodø 

How does Spacemaker improve workflows and dynamics? Clemens Eiendom has been using Spacemaker for a project in Bodø, a city in Northern Norway. The airport is due to move location and the city is transforming. Bernt Nordby Skøien explained how they “wanted to use Spacemaker as a tool in the development of this project. Everyone involved in the planning process was brought on to the Spacemaker platform from day one, which eased collaboration with all parties involved.”

“[…] it’s been an incredible journey with Spacemaker on board because of the confidence we gain knowing that the tool provides objective data and that it ensures a better project. This means the process with the municipality has been much more efficient.”.

Spacemaker’s co-founder, Håvard Haukeland also commented on how “Clemens has used Spacemaker from the very beginning of the project, something we see as important to really succeed with Spacemaker.” We often hear that replacing gut-feeling and assumptions with actual figures creates a completely different kind of dialogue with the municipality and gives the process an improved dynamic.” 

Mats Marthinussen, Head of section and urban planner at Bodø Municipality, agrees that Spacemaker contributed to better collaboration “because the developer, the architect and the municipality met and developed a mutual understanding of the possibilities of the site through the tool. The joint training sessions enabled an early dialogue that was important to setting the right premises for the planning process […] you can build strong arguments that contribute to a better and more efficient dialogue.”

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Credit: Lund Hagem Architects – for the illustration of Tjeldbergvika, used as the headline banner.

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