Spacemaker’s first official user event in Oslo

Marthe Brøndbo
Marthe Brøndbo December 9, 2021 2 min read

On 1 December 2021, we were finally able to host a very special gathering at the Spacemaker HQ in Oslo where our users met each other for the very first time. Some of our most experienced users came in from all corners of Norway for the event. There were urban planners, acquisition analysts, BIM-coordinators and architects, representing both the real estate and architecture sectors. The event was held in full compliance with Norway’s Covid regulations at the time.

At Spacemaker, it’s no secret that we obsess about our users: their problems and needs are at the heart of everything we do. They’ve been our most valuable source of insight and feedback since day one, and it was amazing to finally meet these very patient and helpful Spacemaker users in person, to extend a huge thanks for all their help over the years and to make sure they met each other.

During the event, our product development leads Ruben, Helene and Espen gave the audience a very exclusive sneak peek into what we’re working on. 

Helene introduced some of the work we’re doing with sustainability such as our new microclimate analysissolar panel analysis (which is still in progress) and other exciting stuff that’s still in development. She also talked about our work on the analysis of advanced geometries.

Ruben gave interesting insights into the work we’re doing to make sure that Spacemaker works better with other software such as Revit for example. This is something we know a lot of our users care about!

Also with a view to the future, Espen also talked about our vision to develop more flexible and user-friendly design tools to be used for buildings, floors and even surroundings.

The other exciting news was that we announced the start of the Customer Test Program where users will be regularly invited to do testing, give us feedback and have early access to new features. There was definitely a lot of interest in this and we welcome more users to join the program (you can email me here). 

After looking into the crystal ball, we took our guests on an office tour where our product development teams were super excited to ask our users burning questions about how they used the product. All in all it was a successful afternoon with great conversations, lots of geeking out about early phase planning, and too many gingerbread cookies. We cannot wait to meet again soon so keep an eye out for updates about the next Spacemaker user gathering!

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