2021 Wrapped: Every new feature and update we released

Spacemaker Team
Spacemaker Team December 13, 2021 3 min read

The entire Spacemaker team would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a year since Spacemaker joined the Autodesk family, and what a year it’s been! Much of our focus has really been about transitioning to being a part of an impressive global company, while maintaining our nimble, creative mentality. 

To reflect on the highlights, Autodesk’s Amy Bunszel caught up with Spacemaker’s co-founder, Carl Christensen. Be sure to take a look, and learn about our key product advancements, outcome-based design and how Spacemaker will integrate with Revit. Read the interview here. 

We also wanted to stop for a second and look back at the year that has been. We have managed to release an impressive 49 features to the product this year! Some of these are larger features such as the new navigation that happened this month, the introduction of Zones, the ability to add comments to your proposals, and a better way to Compare your proposal to each other! These 49 features are actually not including the countless smaller improvements that have been done to make Spacemaker easier and more efficient for you to use, such as several new tools and features that enable you to work more accurately in Design. 

We’ve included the full list of all the improvements we’ve made to the platform in 2021 just below. It’s worth a look! But if you would like to read more about each update then please check out the changes.spacemaker.ai (login required). 

Every feature and update we released in 2021 (from newest to oldest):

New, improved navigation

Optimize with Height Constraints!

Redesign of project creation!

Collaborate and communicate by commenting on a proposal

Fast project organizing

Custom placement of wind analysis

Users with editor access will have access to purchase data from Lantmäteriet (Sweden) and Kartverket (Norway)

Draw Walls in Polygon Buildings

Left menu update with proposal layers

Sun analysis on 3D models

Area metrics for division lines

Design with our new grid tool

More control over your workspaces

Give feedback directly to Product Teams

Combined statistics in the View to Area Analysis

One design tool under the Design tab

We stop support import of SOSI files

Microclimate analysis

Transparent buildings as wireframe in Modify

Design and usability changes to Explore

Discontinuing Sketch from the 8th of August

Proposal OBJ Export Improvements

Parking in Modify

Import terrain from an IFC or OBJ file

New right-hand side menu in Modify

Bring life to your projects

Library will soon be shut down

New Proposals page

Division lines and auto buildings in Modify

New Compare enhances decision support

Create new Scenarios with ease!

Quick move and quick rotation in Modify

Faster and more accurate daylight analysis

Promoted Proposals & Project Overview

Better selection in Analyze!

New and simplified way of inviting users

Add polygon building with suggestive shapes

Filter on custom time intervals in sun analysis

Analysis result visualization

2D view and 2D design tools in Modify

Filtering Analyses with Zones

Edit polygon buildings and their apartments in Modify

Probability distributions for wind speed in Analyze

Filter proposals by Folder

Product update: noise from roads and railways combined

Solar panel analysis for roofs in closed beta

Instant noise included in assistive analysis, our first machine learning model in production. 

Workspace selector (making it easier to navigate multiple workspaces)

Login using your existing Autodesk account (for a simpler workflow across Autodesk software)

Instant Member invite (no need to accept invitations before getting access)

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