Architect Challenge at Gather Inn

Spacemaker Team
Spacemaker Team May 1, 2022 1 min read
Group of architects at Gather Inn in Stockholm, working on a 6 hour Architect challenge

Spacemaker teamed up with Sweco Architects to host The Architect Challenge at Gather Inn 2021 in Stockholm, an inspiring full-day event that explored societal issues from urban challenges to innovation and technology. With the help of Spacemaker, architect Johan Bengtsson and urban planner and digital strategist Adam Sjödin had just six hours to propose a new masterplan to transform a disused commercial area into a vibrant urban district. Joseph Price, Customer Success Manager at Spacemaker was the host and the Stockholm Spacemaker team was on hand for support.

The aim of the challenge was to explore the complex challenges involved in a construction project and the industry in general, from sustainability demands to ineffective design processes. The architects worked directly in Spacemaker and the audience could follow the design process in real time. In particular the designers relied on Spacemaker’s fast analyses to get immediate feedback on their proposals for parameters such as noise, daylight and sun, and were able to quickly iterate their proposals – which of course was vital since time was of the essence during the event.

Watch the video below.

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