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Christina Seime
Christina Seime September 1, 2022 1 min read

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Spacemaker’s culture is the sum of all our wonderful employees. It’s constantly growing and evolving. We frequently post new positions here. If you have any questions please reach out on

Careers at Spacemaker

Our Mission

According to the UN, more than 90% of future population growth will occur in cities. We need to find ways to maximize the potential of building sites to keep up with this development. At Spacemaker, we are developing software to find the best and most sustainable ways to unlock that potential considering living quality, the environment, and project profitability.   

We are well underway in reaching our goals with Spacemaker, and the enormous customer base and the wealth of resources that Autodesk provides will speed up our growth. We now aim to take our product globally and become the leading tool for early-stage design.

Our Culture

At Spacemaker we truly believe that an environment of diversity and inclusion is beneficial for everyone. Our culture is founded on respectfulness, open-mindedness, and transparency. These pillars have been achieved through culture, rather than policies, and are something we intend to preserve and strengthen.

Life at Spacemaker

As a step toward achieving our mission, we have built a fundamentally agile organization, enabling teams to innovate autonomously at speed while staying aligned to create a cohesive offering. Spacemaker consists of many multidisciplinary teams. What we all have in common is a strong belief that we can make a difference by improving the way we design our cities. Our team is growing and now includes more than 100 people in locations around the world: Oslo, Boston, Boulder, Malmo, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona.

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