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Spacemaker Team November 23, 2022 4 min read
Spacemaker event at Autodesk

We look back at an inspiring week of talks, presentations and events at Autodesk University 2022. Check out all the Spacemaker at AU highlights and sessions below.

Spacemaker Design Slam
In the Spacemaker Design Slam competition, two industry experts Caoimhe Loftus (CallisonRTKL) and Adam Sjödin (Sweco) competed head-to-head live to develop a proposal for a new neighborhood from scratch – in just 45 minutes!

Aspects such as urban revitalization, transit-oriented development, community and sustainability were core parts of the concept. The audience watched as the contestants developed and tested their designs live on stage; it was a race against the clock – would they meet the stringent requirements for conditions such as density, daylight, sun noise and views?

The final scores were extremely close, and the winner was….Caoimhe Loftus!

Caoimhe: “Representing CRTKL at Autodesk University this year, I had the pleasure of participating in and winning the Spacemaker Design Slam. This competition is an opportunity to flex our design skills on a challenging site. In using Spacemaker we gained live feedback on our proposals and more insight into sustainability and quality metrics from sunlight and daylight, to noise and wind that allowed us to produce solutions that better serve our people and planet.”

Adam: “At the Spacemaker Design Slam, I was proud to have represented Sweco. I enjoyed having the creative freedom to reimagine this site, and being able to quickly iterate our proposals in Spacemaker was a huge advantage given the time pressure. It was a great way to end a successful week at Autodesk University.”

A huge thanks to Caoimhe and Adam for their fantastic efforts and competitive spirit on the day!

Theater talk: Before & After – Innovating with AI for AEC
Speakers: David Basulto (ArchDaily), Caoimhe Loftus (CallisonRTKL), Jeff Risom (Gehl), Marco Ciccone and Esbjörn Kjell (Dark Architects)
Discover how innovating with AI can easily—and radically—transform projects and collaboration. Whether it’s for early-stage planning, small or large-scale projects, urban development, and more, AI is not just the future—it’s changing the game today.
Watch the recording here.

How outcome-based design can lead to more sustainable projects
Speakers: Daniel Gameiro and Justin Taylor (Autodesk)
Sustainability emerges as the main value driver of the future of building. Reducing a building’s carbon footprint decreases its running costs, improves the workforce’s sense of purpose, and raises property value. Buildings become also socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. In turn, they become more profitable, and healthier places to live and work in. In this class, we will focus on an outcome-based design workflow from schematic design in Spacemaker to design development in Revit and Insight. The discussion centers on concrete milestones and frameworks connected to sustainable KPIs in early phase development. We will explore a small mixed-use plot in Central London, with views of the River Thames and HMS Belfast.
Watch the recording here.

How generative design can help optimize new neighborhoods
Speakers: Dieter Vermeulen and Jacob Small (Autodesk)
The need for affordable housing has never been so high worldwide. One possible solution is to optimize the development of new neighborhoods. But how can you get a maximum number of residential buildings on your plot in a sustainable way while still providing comfort? In this class, we’ll teach you step by step how you can use Generative Design for Revit and Dynamo to optimize the planning of neighborhoods of single-family residential buildings, including plot subdivision, land-use assignment, and placement and shape of structures. We’ll then review how Spacemaker brings even more value into this complex exercise for the optimization of multifamily residential buildings.
Watch the recording here.

Iterative concept design with Spacemaker and Revit
Speakers: Caoimhe Loftus (CallisonRTKL) and Arne Bassøe-Eriksen (Autodesk)
In this session we demonstrate how Spacemaker can be leveraged to quickly kick-off a project and validate design decisions. Saving you time and effort, we’ll demonstrate the ideal workflow to combine the strengths of Spacemaker and Revit. From project setup and validating concept proposals using Spacemaker’s user friendly analysis tools we’ll give you a thorough beginner’s guide to get you started in the software. We’ll wrap up the session with a demo of the Revit add in to easily migrate your proposals to Revit for further design development. Need to tweak your proposals – we’ll show how to migrate your proposal back into Spacemaker for further analysis.
Watch the recording here.

Sweco’s use of Autodesk and ESRI tech to streamline workflows in architecture
Speaker: Adam Sjödin (Sweco)
From place to project: Adam Sjödin, urban planner and digital strategist from Sweco details project timelines and how data and design flows between GIS, Spacemaker, Sweco’s in-house carbon-calculation tool C3, and Revit. Tools such as GIS, Spacemaker, Revit, or all of the above, are often utilized in projects but the different contributors and stakeholders are often stuck in silos, focusing simply on their immediate needs and not a project’s full timeline, which makes them inefficient. To mitigate that, Sweco has developed methods and workflows to streamline the flow of data in projects and to digitalize this process and utilize all available and new data early in the process. This ensures that the project starts on the right foot, workflows are efficient, and that all of the data is available and utilized. The method can be used to pinpoint a place of interest, analyze the potential of the site, to finished project.
Watch the recording here.

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