• Undertaking the Journey: A new way of learning Spacemaker.

    If there is one thing 2020 and 2021 have taught us here at Spacemaker, it is that the reality of remote working demands a new way of thinking. The high-energy, hands-on, engaging workshops we used to do with our users had to be reinvented. So, how can we best teach all our users how to […]

  • Architects and our tools: A return from user to creator

    We architects love sketching, and for good reasons. It’s the shortest path from mind to design. No software, no updates, no booting up, no filters. The idea lands on the paper as quickly as you can think of it.  To everyone else around the dinner table our mad scribbles on the tablecloth may look like […]

  • Our new Setup experience: Setting you up for success

    This month we said goodbye to one of the last relics from Spacemaker’s earliest iteration, the old version of Setup. With its removal, we are banishing one of the last bastions of the waterfall workflow within our platform. Our new Setup experience will take its place. Like its predecessor, it allows users to easily set […]