• Designing better outdoor public spaces with Spacemaker

    Every great city needs wonderful parks, squares and rooftops that celebrate public life and invite people to linger.

  • Healthy cities, healthy people

    Architects, planners and developers now have a new tool in their toolbox to help them design with sustainability in mind from day one.

  • Spacemaker launches Microclimate Analysis feature to combat urban heat islands

    Oslo, 5 October 2021: Spacemaker, an Autodesk company, is today releasing microclimate analysis, the first easy-to-use visual tool that allows planning and design professionals to correctly evaluate the thermal comfort of outdoor spaces, detect problematic areas, and simulate optimal solutions to make high impact, low-cost changes at an early stage, before any major design decisions are locked […]

  • Microclimate analysis comes to Spacemaker

    This powerful new analysis is a game changing tool for combatting urban heat islands and making urban areas liveable all year round.

  • 5 reflections on 5 years of Spacemaker

    Spacemaker turned five this month! It’s incredible to think that an ambitious idea we had five years ago to fundamentally change the way design, engineering and project teams worked has come so far. Frustrated with the inefficiencies of the planning process, especially in the early stages, we saw an opportunity to find a better way […]

  • Sketch and Modify merge into one seamless design tool

    This month we welcomed an evolution to our design application, which merges our 2D tool Sketch, and our 3D tool Modify into the existing Design tab, enabling a completely seamless workflow. So the good news is that you’ll no longer have to switch back and forth between Sketch and Modify and their differing functions. In […]

  • Making data-driven decisions a breeze with Compare

    A big part of decision-making process during project planning involves number crunching and reviewing data, however making sense of them is not always easy – that’s where visualization comes in. This is why we’ve been working hard to expand and improve our Compare tool, which makes a world of difference in helping you better understand […]

  • How Steen & Strøm and Storebrand use Spacemaker for site development

    Summary Steen & Strøm and Storebrand have been using Spacemaker on their 240,000 m² large project Økern Sentrum, one of Oslo’s most important urban development projects The team needed to adapt the proposal to allow for the re-opening of two water streams through the site, while maintaining the project’s qualities Økern Sentrum arranged a two-day […]

  • Closing 2020 on an optimistic note

    Dear customers and partners, dear Spacemaker supporters and enthusiasts,  Calling 2020 a most unusual year is a vast understatement. When we started out in January, it was not foreseeable how much the world would be turned upside down within just a few months. For Spacemaker, the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic created as much uncertainty […]

  • 2020: The year that the Spacemaker platform flourished

    2020 has presented its fair share of challenges to us all – and perhaps more than ever we need to take time to reflect – both personally and professionally. To celebrate the challenges we overcame, while learning from the ones we didn’t. To remember the enjoyable moments and who we enjoyed them with. To recognise […]