Category: Customer Stories

  • Spacemaker in Sweco Architects’ digital toolbox

    In history, there have always been generational shifts in how architects work and often, new technology helps inspire new ways of working. In the 1980s we went from paper and pen to CAD and then from CAD to BIM. With AI tools like Spacemaker, the role of the architect will change once again. Sweco Architects […]

  • Patriarche Offices

    How Spacemaker enhances Patriarche’s “augmented” architecture

    Read about how Patriarche uses Spacemaker's "intuitive, smooth and easy-to-use software" to help the team more effectively.

  • Using Spacemaker’s data-driven insights to optimize living conditions in Kivistö, Finland

    As population grows, urban planners face a dilemma. How can one successfully construct an environment that is densely built, yet comfortable, and provides room for people and nature to breathe? Artificial intelligence offered new perspectives for designers at the City of Vantaa, Finland for the design of the Kivistö district. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY‍ How Spacemaker was […]

  • Spacemaker successfully trialled to help municipalities innovate during DigiGrow pilot

    Executive Summary DigiGrow was an innovation pilot project in Sweden that aimed to find the right tools and methods to help municipalities digitalize their building processes.   Spacemaker was one of the highlights, used during the digital testlabs where new methods were tested for working faster and more digitally in municipal urban development processes.  The aim […]

  • T2H reduces site assessment time by 50% using Spacemaker

    Summary *  T2H Rakennus Oy is a Finnish developer. As a design-build contractor, T2H designs and constructs housing projects themselves, focusing on liveable, attractive, and affordable homes. * T2H selects their sites carefully to fit their strategy of creating “Lovely Homes”. * Good sites that fit T2H’s requirements are hard to come by, so sites […]

  • Spacemaker enables easier collaboration for the planning of Elinelund, a new development area in the City of Malmö

    With 2,000 homes, Nya Elinelund will become a vibrant, sustainable district. Since April this year, the City of Malmö has been using (or testing) a new digital planning tool called Spacemaker to facilitate cooperation between different administrations. Using Spacemaker, the stakeholders are able to see how building options affect noise, sunlight, planning of social areas […]

  • How NCC used Spacemaker’s data-driven insights to improve stakeholder collaboration

    Summary ‍ NCC is one of the leading knowledge-based construction companies in the Nordic region. Data-driven business requires information to be available as early as possible. At NCC, data always forms the foundation for stakeholder engagement and helps to improve dialogue. NCC has many collaborative projects where stakeholders are closely involved from day one. The […]

  • Clemens Eiendom’s incredible journey with Spacemaker

    Clemens Eiendom, a renowned Norwegian developer, has grown and developed consistently since its establishment in 2014. The real estate developer has always been in the forefront in using new technology in their projects, and with  the help of Spacemaker has transformed the way the company carries out urban and residential building projects.  Spacemaker is proud […]

  • How Steen & Strøm and Storebrand use Spacemaker for site development

    Summary Steen & Strøm and Storebrand have been using Spacemaker on their 240,000 m² large project Økern Sentrum, one of Oslo’s most important urban development projects The team needed to adapt the proposal to allow for the re-opening of two water streams through the site, while maintaining the project’s qualities Økern Sentrum arranged a two-day […]

  • Strengthening digitalization in urban development

    NREP, the leading real estate investor and developer in the Nordics, continues to expand its partnership with Spacemaker, an innovative AI-based planning and design tool, to develop more customer-centric, efficient and sustainable urban environments in Finland. The cooperation with Spacemaker strengthens NREP’s aim to lead the digitalization of the real estate sector and find better […]