Category: Product

  • Sketch and Modify merge into one seamless design tool

    This month we welcomed an evolution to our design application, which merges our 2D tool Sketch, and our 3D tool Modify into the existing Design tab, enabling a completely seamless workflow. So the good news is that you’ll no longer have to switch back and forth between Sketch and Modify and their differing functions. In […]

  • Making data-driven decisions a breeze with Compare

    A big part of decision-making process during project planning involves number crunching and reviewing data, however making sense of them is not always easy – that’s where visualization comes in. This is why we’ve been working hard to expand and improve our Compare tool, which makes a world of difference in helping you better understand […]

  • Our hackathon hall of fame

    At the beginning of each quarter the Spacemaker team meets at our headquarters in Oslo (or, more recently, over Zoom) to discuss the company’s direction for the next three months. During the five day gathering, we engage in many lively meetings and events in which Spacemakers discuss what you’d expect of any company – culture, employee […]

  • Undertaking the Journey: A new way of learning Spacemaker.

    If there is one thing 2020 and 2021 have taught us here at Spacemaker, it is that the reality of remote working demands a new way of thinking. The high-energy, hands-on, engaging workshops we used to do with our users had to be reinvented. So, how can we best teach all our users how to […]

  • Our new Setup experience: Setting you up for success

    This month we said goodbye to one of the last relics from Spacemaker’s earliest iteration, the old version of Setup. With its removal, we are banishing one of the last bastions of the waterfall workflow within our platform. Our new Setup experience will take its place. Like its predecessor, it allows users to easily set […]

  • 2020: The year that the Spacemaker platform flourished

    2020 has presented its fair share of challenges to us all – and perhaps more than ever we need to take time to reflect – both personally and professionally. To celebrate the challenges we overcame, while learning from the ones we didn’t. To remember the enjoyable moments and who we enjoyed them with. To recognise […]

  • Pedestrian comfort: Why wind analyses are more relevant than ever

    Buildings can create troublesome and dangerous winds in the surrounding area. In a recent, insightful interview with NRK, researcher Trond-Ola Hågbo discussed the need for change in how we build our urban environments: “In Norway, we often build high-rise buildings without taking enough account of wind. In a time of more extreme weather, this can […]