• Making data-driven decisions a breeze with Compare

    A big part of decision-making process during project planning involves number crunching and reviewing data, however making sense of them is not always easy – that’s where visualization comes in. This is why we’ve been working hard to expand and improve our Compare tool, which makes a world of difference in helping you better understand […]

  • Inside Spacemaker: A day in the life of Ellis Herman, Data Scientist

    In this monthly series, we feature a member of our driven, passionate team at Spacemaker. The interviews celebrate the talented people behind the scenes and our culture. This month, we chat with Ellis Herman, who joined Spacemaker in 2019 as a data scientist/researcher at the Boston office. We talk sustainability, the social culture at Spacemaker […]

  • Spacemaker enables easier collaboration for the planning of Elinelund, a new development area in the City of Malmö

    With 2,000 homes, Nya Elinelund will become a vibrant, sustainable district. Since April this year, the City of Malmö has been using (or testing) a new digital planning tool called Spacemaker to facilitate cooperation between different administrations. Using Spacemaker, the stakeholders are able to see how building options affect noise, sunlight, planning of social areas […]

  • How NCC used Spacemaker’s data-driven insights to improve stakeholder collaboration

    Summary ‍ NCC is one of the leading knowledge-based construction companies in the Nordic region. Data-driven business requires information to be available as early as possible. At NCC, data always forms the foundation for stakeholder engagement and helps to improve dialogue. NCC has many collaborative projects where stakeholders are closely involved from day one. The […]

  • Making urban planning decisions faster and smarter

    The complexities of developing a site means that a mind-boggling number of decisions need to be made on any given day. Decisions that need to consider deadlines, regulations, requirements, stakeholder interests and more. Making the right decisions at the early phase of real estate development is crucial for getting your project off on the right […]

  • Our hackathon hall of fame

    At the beginning of each quarter the Spacemaker team meets at our headquarters in Oslo (or, more recently, over Zoom) to discuss the company’s direction for the next three months. During the five day gathering, we engage in many lively meetings and events in which Spacemakers discuss what you’d expect of any company – culture, employee […]

  • Clemens Eiendom’s incredible journey with Spacemaker

    Clemens Eiendom, a renowned Norwegian developer, has grown and developed consistently since its establishment in 2014. The real estate developer has always been in the forefront in using new technology in their projects, and with  the help of Spacemaker has transformed the way the company carries out urban and residential building projects.  Spacemaker is proud […]

  • Undertaking the Journey: A new way of learning Spacemaker.

    If there is one thing 2020 and 2021 have taught us here at Spacemaker, it is that the reality of remote working demands a new way of thinking. The high-energy, hands-on, engaging workshops we used to do with our users had to be reinvented. So, how can we best teach all our users how to […]

  • Architects and our tools: A return from user to creator

    We architects love sketching, and for good reasons. It’s the shortest path from mind to design. No software, no updates, no booting up, no filters. The idea lands on the paper as quickly as you can think of it.  To everyone else around the dinner table our mad scribbles on the tablecloth may look like […]

  • How Steen & Strøm and Storebrand use Spacemaker for site development

    Summary Steen & Strøm and Storebrand have been using Spacemaker on their 240,000 m² large project Økern Sentrum, one of Oslo’s most important urban development projects The team needed to adapt the proposal to allow for the re-opening of two water streams through the site, while maintaining the project’s qualities Økern Sentrum arranged a two-day […]