• Strengthening digitalization in urban development

    NREP, the leading real estate investor and developer in the Nordics, continues to expand its partnership with Spacemaker, an innovative AI-based planning and design tool, to develop more customer-centric, efficient and sustainable urban environments in Finland. The cooperation with Spacemaker strengthens NREP’s aim to lead the digitalization of the real estate sector and find better […]

  • Big news for Spacemaker in Finland

    YIT will be the first  one of the first Finnish construction companies to implement Spacemaker, enabling quick modelling of urban development projects and feasibility studies. Our technology will allow YIT to design new living environments, improve housing quality and cut down the turnaround times of construction projects. “Spacemaker’s technology allows YIT to quickly analyse the […]

  • Spacemaker enters partnership with Danish contractor, CASA

    This past month, Spacemaker entered into an agreement with property developer and turnkey contractor, CASA. By implementing our innovative technology, CASA will be able to execute their projects with elevated efficiency, enabling them to create the highest possible quality developments in new residential areas. ‍ “We have tested Spacemaker’s tools on one of our projects. […]

  • Our new Setup experience: Setting you up for success

    This month we said goodbye to one of the last relics from Spacemaker’s earliest iteration, the old version of Setup. With its removal, we are banishing one of the last bastions of the waterfall workflow within our platform. Our new Setup experience will take its place. Like its predecessor, it allows users to easily set […]

  • Closing 2020 on an optimistic note

    Dear customers and partners, dear Spacemaker supporters and enthusiasts,  Calling 2020 a most unusual year is a vast understatement. When we started out in January, it was not foreseeable how much the world would be turned upside down within just a few months. For Spacemaker, the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic created as much uncertainty […]

  • 2020: The year that the Spacemaker platform flourished

    2020 has presented its fair share of challenges to us all – and perhaps more than ever we need to take time to reflect – both personally and professionally. To celebrate the challenges we overcame, while learning from the ones we didn’t. To remember the enjoyable moments and who we enjoyed them with. To recognise […]

  • NREP pioneers artificial intelligence in real estate using Spacemaker

    Urban development is becoming more complex as cities grow denser and regulations increases. To solve this challenge NREP, a leading Nordic real estate company, has entered a partnership with Spacemaker to adopt a new technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). The ambition is to develop more customer-centric, effective, and sustainable real estate, and a first […]

  • Spacemaker’s next chapter: Going global as a member of the Autodesk family!

    When we started Spacemaker four years ago, we set out on an incredibly ambitious journey of changing how design, engineering and project teams work all over the world. We believed that changing how they work was exactly how you would improve the built environment, globally.  Today, we are embarking on a new chapter that will […]

  • How Spacemaker is helping Bouygues Immobilier design more efficient, sustainable projects

    Bouygues Immobilier came to Spacemaker AI to design more sustainable projects; with a set list of criteria and some seemingly delicate constraints, how did Spacemaker’s technology overcome such rigid criteria and enhance the workflow of the operation? At the beginning of 2020 we partnered with Bouygues Immobilier, one of the largest real estate developers in […]

  • Under pressure: Does Spacemaker really accelerate the design process in urban planning?

    It sure does…and here’s the proof! (Si vous souhaitez lire la version française de cet article, cliquez ici) 1. Context In Spring 2020, Valode & Pistre, VPBIM and Spacemaker signed an R&D partnership. The collaboration focused on adapting Spacemaker’s platform to the French market as well as assess the potential for value creation in French […]