• Pedestrian comfort: Why wind analyses are more relevant than ever

    Buildings can create troublesome and dangerous winds in the surrounding area. In a recent, insightful interview with NRK, researcher Trond-Ola Hågbo discussed the need for change in how we build our urban environments: “In Norway, we often build high-rise buildings without taking enough account of wind. In a time of more extreme weather, this can […]

  • VIGUIER partners with Spacemaker to boost digital capabilities with AI

    Paris, France / Oslo, Norway, 13 October 2020: We’re pleased to welcome world-renowned architecture, urban planning and landscape firm VIGUIER as one of our new partners in France. This collaboration will see the extensive experience and know-how of VIGUIER, combined with the innovative technologies of generative design and AI that the Spacemaker platform offers.  VIGUIER […]

  • “A digitalized, data-driven and iterative workflow is the future of urban planning”

    How generative design can become a real game-changer for the AEC industry. ‍ We recently launched Explore on the Spacemaker platform, the next generation of our generative design feature, which opens up many new opportunities for architects and urban planners. Explore marks a significant evolution of the software, and the journey to this point has […]

  • Finding strategic business alignment with 111 employees? Here is what that looks like at Spacemaker.

    At Spacemaker, our mission to build better cities motivates us to solve new problems every day. From our inception, our culture has been permeated by a high degree of autonomy and transparency. As founders, we are pretty proud of the high-trust environment that we have managed to build, deeply rooted in the Norwegian tradition of […]

  • Early stage daylight analysis with Spacemaker

    Over the last year, we at Spacemaker have researched, developed, and implemented daylight analysis for the early stages of urban planning. Over the next months, we will release a series of blog posts about daylight, in which we describe in more detail how the analysis works within the Spacemaker platform and the reasoning behind the […]

  • Valode&Pistre and Spacemaker sign an R&D partnership to increase the use of AI in real estate

    Paris/Oslo, Thursday, 28 May 2020: Spacemaker, an AI-assisted platform dedicated to construction, announces the conclusion of a Research & Development partnership with the international architecture agency Valode&Pistre. This collaboration looked at perfecting the land valuation technology based on Spacemaker’s artificial intelligence, using the world-renowned experience and know-how of the Valode&Pistre teams. Spacemaker develops a software […]

  • Analyzing environmental noise in Spacemaker

    The presence of noise, or lack thereof, is one of the most important factors contributing to the well-being of urban inhabitants. In recent years, a significant number of studies have shown the severe adverse effects of noise pollution on human health; rapid urbanization means this threat will only grow. We at Spacemaker want to change […]

  • AHO students bring their creativity to Spacemaker

    What happens when you give two assignments to six talented students and provide them with just three weeks to develop concepts? Our collaboration with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design put everyone to the test — and ended with extraordinary results. Late last year, we introduced Spacemaker to the Digital Service Experience class at The Oslo […]

  • Three Takeaways from Spacemaker’s Parking Research

    There are over 1 billion cars in the world today and, according to the International Energy Association, this number will likely triple by 2050. At the same time, real estate prices in major cities continue to climb, making the necessary construction of new places to park prohibitively expensive. With this in mind, how can we […]

  • Skanska to use AI from Spacemaker for early planning of residential housing

    Stockholm/Oslo, Tuesday, 14 March 2020. Today, Oskar Kurasz, head of operations for Skanska Sweden, and Håvard Haukeland, co-founder and CEO of Spacemaker announced that they signed an agreement for a corporate partnership, covering Skanska’s use of the Spacemaker AI platform for the optimization of residential building sites in the early phases. ‍ Skanska is a […]