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2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 1-2 Blog

July 17, 2019

2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 1-2 Blog

The first day of the internship was exciting for 6 new interns and 6 returning interns. Setting up their desks and computers while also meeting many new people in the Portland office. In the first two weeks of the internship, the team had many meetings, started their first code sprint of the summer, and got to enjoy lots of ice cream. At the end of the second week, the team finished their first code sprint. Here’s what each team accomplished within that time:


This Summer we plan to invest time to increasing the stability of Synthesis as well as getting better usage reports that may help us target specific userbases. These past two weeks, we have been working on tackling some bugs to help with better performance and implementing a way to generate usage reports. This will help us understand what our users are struggling with and what our users find useful within the simulator as it is important that we can reduce the learning curve to utilizing Synthesis as a software.


Emulation has been working on two main projects. Our primary goal has been fixing our emulation support for Java user code. We have built a new virtual machine image which can run the newest Java user programs. This solution may require some work to keep up-to-date, but it should provide more stable support for Java, the most popular language in FRC. Our secondary goal is to replace the libraries and protocol we use for communication between the emulator and engine components of Synthesis. We chose gRPC as this replacement, which will improve performance and make this link more maintainable as we add features.


Exporter has been focused on updating the stability, underlying file formats, and redoing the user interface to make the software easier to use whilst still being powerful and efficient. Some specific examples are updating Inventor to use new “Left -> Right” flow for UI, updating analytics to inform future UI choices, JSON is now the file format used for robot joint data, and completing general bug fixes and improvements


Non-dev worked on brainstorming events that we could put on this summer and started to plan them. Non-dev also ordered swag bags for people that help us by answering questions on our forum. Non-dev started working on a new Synthesis blog that will be posted on our social media channels, website, and on our forums. Non-dev also worked on creating more social media posts and talking with marketing people from Autodesk and Autodesk Education.

Autodesk Days

This year is our first year holding Autodesk Days! This will be an event run by the Synthesis interns for individuals that are interested in testing out the beta version of this years Synthesis. We are holding this event at the Portland office as well as hold a webinar for those that aren’t in our area. This event will take place in late July (22nd, 23rd, or 24th). Students will spend an afternoon experiencing the newly updated Synthesis product that will eventually be out for use in mid-August. Students will hear from Autodesk employees on their career paths and will get a tour of our beautiful building. At the end of this day, we will send out a survey to attendees about their experience with the developing software. This will give us feedback that we can take to improve Synthesis.

Would you like to be part of our beta testing group? Email

Summer Goals

This summer we plan to invest time into increasing the stability of Synthesis as well as getting better usage reports that may help us target specific userbases we weren’t previously aware of. The team is also working towards increasing brand association and workflow similarities between the Autodesk Manufacturing Products and Synthesis. A great amount of our inspiration comes from Autodesk Fusion 360 Simulation team as well as HSM. The well thought out and constructed workflows of both the Simulation and HSM team give Synthesis the ability to anticipate what our users expect from an Autodesk application.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that Synthesis turned 1 this year? We have been in development for five summers and our second week into this summer (sixth summer) will be 52 weeks of development!