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2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 7-8 Blog

August 9, 2019

2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 7-8 Blog

As we begin the last two weeks of the internship, we’ve halted development and plan to release Synthesis fully on Thursday, August 15th. Our beta users will test the release; if necessary, a hot-fix will be released the week after release. We have been working on final bug fixes, implementing user feedback, and enjoying our final moments in the Portland office. Our team had some big presentations during the last two weeks as well, which have gone well and made us hopeful for the future!


The engine team has focused on simplification and ease of use. They have made settings dropdown menus instead of buttons, the amount of which often confused users. They color coordinated the start and stop emulation code buttons to make it more straight forward. They have made a new splash screen that matches Fusion 360’s, as well as other small tweaks in positioning and wordage elsewhere in Synthesis, to continue aligning our software with other Autodesk products. The engine team also updated the loading screens and error screens for a more consistent UI. Lastly, the team is continuing to work on rearranging settings into a unified menu before our final release.


The emulator team officially has Java Emulation working! This will be extremely helpful to teams that want to use our code emulator but don’t program in C. After completing that strenuous task. They also have finished reworking emulation control and have started to make progress on the emulation readout panel. They are now investigating the possibilities of network multiplayer.


The exporter team has worked on advanced collision meshes in Fusion 360. They have made numerous stability improvements and bug fixes which will help with the overall export process. Lastly, they have been working on a new, simple Joint Editor that also allows access to advanced settings. This is often one of the most confusing processes new users must complete in order to use Synthesis, hence our focus on refining our exporters. We’re excited to hear what you think of them after full release!


The non-dev team has been planning social media posts for the rest of the year until next year’s internship. We’ve also been fleshing out both written and video tutorials that will highlight the new Synthesis build. They also have been brainstorming challenges that we can hold for FRC teams around the PNW region and in the entire world of FIRST. This team is also working on some fun content for the upcoming year, stay tuned for that. They are still planning out the Intern Fun Day and the Intern Family Dinner that is set for next week.

Quick Facts About Our Interns!

1 incoming high school Junior

3 incoming high school Seniors

5 incoming college Freshman

2 incoming college Sophomores

1 incoming college Junior