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2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 9-10 Blog

August 28, 2019

2019 Synthesis Internship Weeks 9-10 Blog

Synthesis 4.3 is now released and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In the last two weeks of the internship, the team has been busy making tutorials, writing documentation, and finishing their development tasks. The team helped out with Kids at Autodesk Days (KAAD) where they assisted kids playing with VR, making dog toys for animal shelters, and making and driving Lego robots with the kids! This has been fun for the interns after this busy week! The team is now starting to pack up and head back to school.


As our internship comes to an end, development work on the engine has been busy. The biggest change was the UI update to our settings. We have now created a global settings panel that is more uniform to what a user would experience in other software. Now, all of our settings are integrated into a uniform panel rather than being spread out across the simulator. This also allows users to personalize their controls better with having specific robot controls and global simulator controls. There were also continuous backend improvements to providing more stability.


The emulation team has been finishing up their last tasks before the end of the summer. They have added status indicators to the Driver Station and created a display for the input and output values of the emulated RoboRIO, which will allow users to manually test different inputs. They also created a console window for the user program print-outs, which also provides means to download a log file and added support for MXP PWM control of the robot drive train during emulation. Users will now notice that the Driver Station auto-launches as well. The emulation team has also worked on bug fixes, documentation, and tutorials!


The exporter team has also done a lot of work in the final two weeks of the summer. For Inventor, they fixed usage analytics, added “unsupported components” dialog for unsupported joint types. For the Fusion exporter, they updated the UI to be compatible with the Fusion 360 tab layout, updated drivetrain type icons, added usage analytics and an option to disable analytics, and they added a notification on the first launch with directions to find the robot export tools. They also fixed a bug where the export button would freeze after canceling the robot export. The exporter team has also adjusted the height of the form palettes and fixed the guide toggle setting to be persistent between Fusion 360 restarts. In both exporters, they altered the joint editor, so when joints aren’t set up in the joint editor they will now be highlighted orange and they also added an improved robot export guide.


The non-dev team has been working on promotional videos and fine tuning tutorials so that our users can get the best help. They also have worked on planning out our social media until the end of the Spring! We have also been talking with the Autodesk Education team on doing a collaboration later this year!

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