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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Thought it might be time to review a handy utility that helps keep the Vault Workspace tidy – Workspace Sync. This handy feature is useful for design teams that work concurrently and often delegate efforts on designs. In this example, let’s examine something as simple as a Rename, but it could be any modification to files from property edit to form/fit/function changes.

First, a little reminder about this tool. Workspace Synchronization is essentially a very intelligent GET command, and reduces the need to manually manage the local workspace at each user’s machine. The command supports two primary operations; first downloading and updating out of date files and removing (recycle) files fall within the expiration rules. It can be launched several ways, initially from a button on the standard toolbar or from the Tools pull down menu.


Workspace Sync vs. Quick Sync

Two options are available, the primary interface, or the Workspace Sync command provides full user interaction with the options as well as the ability to override its defaults. Note the small icon in the lower right corner which launches a configuration window. The secondary interface will simply run the command without any user interaction accepting the defaults based on the previously configured settings.

Options and Configuration

The Workspace Sync feature allows you to configure the different rules desired on a per user basis. Starting from the top, there are options to determine what Workspace Sync will ‘Get’ to your workspace. You have the option to get the Latest Version (ideal when working in a non-Document management mode ie:Items only), Current Revision, and an option under Current Revision called Released Biased which is used to favor the Released revision of files during a sync. This is preferred when you want the last good released revs of file to your workspace for consumption in a drawing, analysis, or upstream post-processing like CNC, 3DS Max import, etc.

In addition, the following rules can be applied: removing temporary files per extension, expiration rules for managed (in Vault) and unmanaged files (not yet in Vault) as well as the ability to set up exclusions. Additionally these rules can be stored in an XML file for use by other members of the team.


Command Line Support

The major of this command is invoked by the user however if there is a desire to automate the process, command line support has been added. The following syntax can be used to run the process.

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\<product+release> (Client)\Explorer\Connectivity.WorkspaceSync.exe" –VUadministrator –VP – S"C:\Settings.xml" -F"C:\WorkspaceSync.csv"

Stay tuned and we’ll examine WS Sync workflow and best practices…

-Brian Schanen

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  1. AvatarHans-Martin Haga



    When I saw the new Workspace Sync function, I really expected it to work in both directions. The main problem we have with the workspace is that users forget to check in their new files, especially part files left alone without being included in any assembly.
    Any plans to implement a workspace -> vault synchronization?