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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

We know our customers use data more and more to drive decision making, so I’d like to share the top viewed articles for Vault.  You can see this as a great resource if you’re new to Vault, a way to identify key learning areas if you’re a CAD manager responsible for onboarding new users to your systems, or something to keep in your back pocket the next time a configuration issue comes up.


  1. Port 80 Availability Check
  2. System requirements for Autodesk Vault products
  3. Different roles for Microsoft SQL Server and Vault for an AutoCAD Plant 3D project
  4. Log In and Out of a Vault
  5. What Is Vault?
  6. Default Proxy Settings Check
  7. System requirements for Autodesk Vault 2020 products
  8. Open a File from Vault with the Inventor Vault Add-in


Did you know you can share your knowledge with the community as well?  Whether you’re a Vault pro, a Vault Pro pro, or want to share a useful workflow, you can write an article to be added to our knowledge base.   If video is more your thing, you can record a screencast as well.  Check out the various ways you can share your knowledge and let others leverage your expertise.

Michelle Stone