Save the date: Autodesk Accelerate 2021 is here, running June 22-23.


Returning for another year, Autodesk Accelerate is back, virtually, on June 22-23. Bringing together Autodesk customers, partners, industry executives, top market analysts and subject matter experts to learn, network and share strategies for solving modern design and manufacturing challenges.

Learn about Autodesk’s strategy and product offerings and enjoy inspirational stories from your peers on how they meet their pressing business requirements, accelerate their product development processes and increase profitability.

Running over two days, there will be over 30 customer presentations alongside keynote speakers and industry talks.

Don’t miss this must-attend event, save the date!

Ellie Rathbone

Social Media Marketing Specialist at Autodesk, managing all advanced manufacturing social channels across multiple platforms. Based in the UK.

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