The Autodesk Foundation expands its board of directors

Autodesk Foundation Team December 4, 2022 4 min read
Graphic lockup of three new Autodesk Foundation Board members: Trenton Arthur, Senior Director, Digital Initiatives, Autodesk, Inc.; Haresh Khoobchandani, Vice President, Sales, APAC, Autodesk, Inc.; and Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

The Autodesk Foundation supports the design and creation of innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Last year, the Autodesk Foundation’s portfolio of nonprofits and startups received roughly $9.7 million in funding and delivered outstanding impact outcomes in Autodesk’s impact opportunity areas. This year, it has increased grants, impact investments, and in-kind support to a portfolio of more than 50 nonprofits and startups.  

As the Autodesk Foundation expands its impact as a corporate foundation and approaches its 10-year anniversary, the role and composition of the board continues to evolve. Board members are uniquely positioned to apply their expertise as the Autodesk Foundation works to transform Autodesk industries to be more sustainable, equitable, and resilient.  

Accordingly, the Autodesk Foundation has added three new board members, Trenton Arthur, Vice President, Product Management, Autodesk, Inc.; Haresh Khoobchandani, Vice President, Sales, APAC, Autodesk, Inc.; and Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk, Inc., to its existing board of directors. Each board member brings diverse experiences in Autodesk customer industries, impact areas, and geographies, and shares a passion for building a better world with the Foundation.  

“The board and I are thrilled to appoint three new directors to the Autodesk Foundation board. Their contributions will be individually and collectively welcomed in this next phase of our growth and development,” said Debbie Clifford, Autodesk Foundation Board Chair, and Chief Financial Officer of Autodesk, Inc. “Trenton Arthur, Haresh Khoobchandani, and Dara Treseder add incredible value and impact with their global expertise across marketing, sales, digital solutions, and corporate impact.” 

The board supports the Autodesk Foundation’s present-day work, as well as future trajectory, including ambitions to lead industry transformation, increase charitable giving, and measure and demonstrate significant impact across the Foundation’s portfolio. 

“I look forward to leveraging the deep expertise and global perspectives that these new board members bring as we de-risk the innovations and transform Autodesk industries toward impact through a portfolio of innovative nonprofits and startups,” said Christine Stoner, Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation.”

Headshot of Trenton Arthur, Vice President, Product Management, Autodesk, Inc.

“I am inspired by how the Autodesk Foundation expands opportunities for entrepreneurs who are charting a path to a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. As part of the Autodesk Foundation board, I look forward to supporting the team in continuing to scale catalytic support for innovators that transform Autodesk’s industries.” 

Trenton Arthur
Vice President, Product Management, Autodesk, Inc. 

@TrentonIsidor (Twitter) | Trenton Arthur (LinkedIn) 

Trenton Arthur is the Vice President of Product Management for the digital customer lifecycle where he focuses on delivering a world class customer experience. He has extensive experience leading product management and providing strategic counsel for large companies such as Apple, Amazon, and IBM. A champion of innovation and entrepreneurship, Trenton led a team to develop Apple Retail’s innovation platform. Trenton earned his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and his MBA from the University of Chicago. 

Headshot of Haresh Khoobchandani,
Vice President, Sales, APAC, Autodesk, Inc.

“Personally and professionally, I am deeply motivated by the Foundation’s mission—to support the design and creation of innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. In joining the board, I look forward to bringing my global perspective to the Foundation’s work—in particular in the Asia Pacific region.”

Haresh Khoobchandani
Vice President, Sales, APAC, Autodesk, Inc.

@HareshK_ (Twitter) | Haresh Khoobchandani (LinkedIn) 

Haresh Khoobchandani is the Vice President at Autodesk leading the APAC region. Haresh brings more than 25 years of experience working in the Asia region, leading and transforming organizations and teams to thrive in the digital age. Prior to Autodesk, Haresh spent 19 years at Microsoft across various senior leadership roles in both the Sales and Marketing disciplines, leading the Asia Pacific region.  

A postgraduate with a Master of Business Administration with Distinction from the University of Stirling and a graduate in Leading Change and Organizational Renewal at the Harvard Business School, Haresh is passionate about driving transformation across people and business. He recently graduated from Oxford University with a postgraduate diploma in Global Business with Distinction. 

Headshot of Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

“I am excited by the Foundation’s vision and ambitions at this stage of its growth and development. In joining the board, I look forward to getting closer to the innovators, technology, and solutions the Autodesk Foundation invests in, that are de-risking the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient world.”

Dara Treseder
Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

@daratreseder (Twitter) | Dara Treseder (LinkedIn)

Dara Treseder is a proven technology business leader with expertise in building and leading high-performing global marketing, communications, consumer, and commercial organizations. She is currently Chief Marketing Officer of Autodesk. A veteran Chief Marketing Officer, Dara was previously the Global Head of Marketing, Communications & Membership at Peloton, CMO of Carbon and CMO of GE Business Innovations and GE Ventures. Earlier in her career, she led marketing and growth efforts at Apple and Goldman Sachs.  

A champion of public health, women’s issues, and diversity initiatives, Dara is the Chair of the board of the Public Health Institute (PHI). She also serves on the board of Robinhood. Dara graduated cum laude from Harvard University with highest honors in field and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

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