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about 1 year ago

Impact Matters podcast: Taking the Circular Route to Business Resilience

Impact Matters is a podcast dedicated to in-depth discussions on the future of work and companies at large. Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving world of work and business, conversations with senior business leaders explore big questions around leadership, sustainability, and other topics that empower listeners to reimagine and create the next possible.

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Government-led sustainability initiatives gather pace in India

  • Sustainability is critical to 42% of company strategies in India
  • India among top five countries expected to drive growth and contribute to the region’s dominance in the manufacturing segment
  • Digital adoption a critical enabler for sustainability, but is significantly underleveraged


Stephanie Siow

Live from COP26: AEC Industry Sees Positive Momentum on Climate Change 

By Jim Lynch  

November 2021 is a watershed moment for increasing global collaboration to preserve our planet. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is underway in Glasgow with government officials and private sector leaders discussing accelerated action to meet and exceed the legally binding targets of the Paris Agreement. 

Stephanie Siow

Autodesk backs bold climate action by Congress and at UN Climate Conference COP26   

By Amy Bunszel , Executive Vice President, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design Solutions

A fictional cityscape showing digital transformation and connected data across the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

The next few weeks offer opportunity for a historic step forward in combatting climate change if Congress and governments at the UN Climate Conference COP26 seize the moment and take bold action. 

Stephanie Siow

Autodesk’s first sustainability bond aligns impact and financial strategies

By Debbie Clifford, Chief Financial Officer

Autodesk is in business to enable a better world designed and made for all.

Customers across our industries rely on Autodesk to help solve challenges big and small. This presents a profound and urgent opportunity; we can empower innovators with technology to harness their data and unlock insights to fuel innovation and create new paths to efficiency,

Stephanie Siow


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