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23 days ago

Autodesk University 2021 Inspires Innovators to Achieve the New Possible

Global conference takes the virtual stage for second consecutive year, empowering industry leaders to design and make a better world for all

This week, Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) will virtually welcome innovators from around the world to the company’s annual design and make conference, 

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Autodesk’s first sustainability bond aligns impact and financial strategies

By Debbie Clifford, Chief Financial Officer

Autodesk is in business to enable a better world designed and made for all.

Customers across our industries rely on Autodesk to help solve challenges big and small. This presents a profound and urgent opportunity; we can empower innovators with technology to harness their data and unlock insights to fuel innovation and create new paths to efficiency,

Stephanie Siow

Climate report: the good, the bad, and the opportunity to seize

By Ben Thompson 

In August this year, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first chapter of its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). With input from hundreds of thousands of scientists, the report is widely considered the authority on the future of climate change.

Stephanie Siow

Autodesk Imagine Awards spotlight customer excellence in India

2021 has been a year of transitions and new learnings, as the world learns to live in a world with COVID-19. The social and economic upheaval that have accompanied the pandemic have accelerated digital transformation and innovation across sectors, helping architects, engineers and designers discover new ways to create and collaborate.

Stephanie Siow

Autodesk Showcases New Fusion 360 Product Design Capabilities and Customer Innovation at AU 2021

 Written by Scott Reese  

Rethinking how businesses plan, design, and manufacture products is no small task. So, while many companies understand the importance of Digital Transformation, the process of transitioning an entire manufacturing process, and securing the necessary buy-in, is a colossal effort. A significant impediment is that many digital tools are too complex and too siloed,

Stephanie Siow
Autodesk Reveals New Logo and Visual ID

Autodesk introduces a bold new look to reimagine its brand.


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