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Impact Matters podcast: Taking the Circular Route to Business Resilience

Stephanie Siow
January 27, 2023

Impact Matters is a podcast dedicated to in-depth discussions on the future of work and companies at large. Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving world of work and business, conversations with senior business leaders explore big questions around leadership, sustainability, and other topics that empower listeners to reimagine and create the next possible.

Kicking off the new year is our final episode, Taking the Circular Route to Business Resilience, with guest Lorena Paglia, Customer Experience & Sustainability Lead at Microsoft Asia Pacific (at the time of filming).

From climate change and the global pandemic to social unrests and political conflicts —  everything has the potential to create huge, rippling effects across our increasingly globalized world. Since it is no longer feasible for businesses to exist in carefully guarded bubbles, resilience is arguably the single-most important vector of success.

Digital transformation and diversifying supply chains can help businesses fortify their operations, but one school of thought suggests that a circular economy is the secret ingredient to improving resilience and ensuring business continuity. On the surface, the circular economy is about reducing waste and keeping products and materials in use, but it actually spurs innovation and helps carve a path towards resilience in the long run.

Join our host, Haresh Khoobchandani, Vice President, Autodesk APAC as we explore how businesses can anticipate and prepare for change and the technologies we can employ to help us get there.

View or listen to the episode below to learn more and be sure to visit the podcast channel for upcoming episodes.

Stephanie Siow